Skyforger Wedges
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Skyforger Wedges

89.00 $ USD99.00 $ USD

Skyforger wedges provide a soft feel, versatility, and fantastic precision around the green.

(18 customer reviews)

S20C Forged

The Skyforger wedges are forged from S20C carbon steel with progressively tapered blade thickness and are designed for players who are always looking to control their trajectory.

Soft feel, versatility, precision

Higher lofts have more weight on the top of the blade to promote more spin and better height control, while lower lofts have more weight at the bottom of the blade to make full shots easier to execute.


The stock setup is designed for high launch and distance. The stock shaft, KBS WEDGE, is designed for players seeking maximum control.

loft shaft swing weight bounce lie angle
48 35.5″ D3 8 63
52 35.5″ D4 10 63
56 35.25″ D5 12 63
60 35″ D6 12 63

The stock grip, Lamkin Crossline, is designed for golfers who demand Tour-proven performance with classic looks.


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Left, Right


KBS, True Temper


48, 52, 56, 60


Standard, Midsize

18 reviews for Skyforger Wedges

  1. Dimitri Soboleff (verified owner)

    Magic irons, i ordered 52 and 56deg 🙂
    I love these wedges, just perfect looking and my best friends in Bunkers.
    Still waiting for the delivery of my full set customized and fitted 101 to complete my review of my order from October.
    This long patience would deserve a 60deg wedge to complete my set. (message for Takomo ^^)
    The beach boy (from the bunkers)

  2. Andrew Johnsen (verified owner)

    The 48 and 52 are fantastic! They’ve really improved my gapping in my approach game – the 52 in particular has become my go-to club. They’re beautifully crafted, look great in your hands and generate plenty of spin on the greens. Has improved my short game hugely. Would definitely recommend.

  3. Janne Leppänen (verified owner)

    I have 48 and 52 Skyforger wedges. The wedges are rarely used because I use the 56 degree wedge (different brand) the most. I have nothing bad to say about wedges.

    They look good and are what they promise.

  4. Douglas Armour (verified owner)

    Purchased a 56 back in October and it is not only a beautiful looking wedge, but it also generates loads of spin and is more forgiving than my previous 56. Due to the performance and looks I decided at the end of November to buy a set of 101s along with a 48 and 52. Can’t wait till I get them out on the course!

  5. S.Dodd (verified owner)

    Unbelievable spin and control with these wedges. Definitely improved my game around the greens. Definitely recommend

  6. Skibanker

    Good wedges to compliment my 101s. Not as forgiving as I’d like, but the 48 will stay in the bag. Good spin.

  7. Alasdair Cummings (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the left handed 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges to complete my 101 irons set. Delivery to Scotland was very prompt again. Weather here has been poor of late but I have managed a few rounds now and am really enjoying the wedges. A quality look and feel to them and I am enjoying how they play and starting to hit much more consistent shots with them. The 56 is getting me out of bunkers far more regularly than my previous sand wedge. No hesitation in recommending these wedges.
    Al C

  8. Wyatt

    Got a 56 degree wedge for my bag and now I can’t stop using it. Not only does it look fantastic standing over it, it has just the right amount of forgiveness as well. Will definitely continue to fill out my bag with clubs when the time comes.

  9. Greg Patterson (verified owner)

    Fabulous wedges. The craftsmanship and finish of these clubs is outstanding. The feel on full shots and around the green is tremendous. Well done Takomo on another great product. Highly recommend

  10. Sami Virtala (verified owner)

    48° Wedge fells great and goes exactly the distance I want it to go constantly. Spin is good and shots stops to the greens fast.

    Love the look of the wedge.

    I use the wedge for full shots, pitches and bump and runs around the green.

    Absolutely I would recommend these wedges for the price.

  11. Colin Dietrich

    These wedges have my short game locked in! They have made a world of difference of from inside 50 yards. I they have great feel with plenty of spin.. You can’t beat the price either on new wedges.

  12. thomas strother (verified owner)

    The 52 and 56 are outstanding! I play a 22 hcp which means I struggle with consistent ball contact. The 52 plays right around 110yds and even on miss hits might lose around 5-7yds which for my game is awesome when my other set was more like 10-20 yds short on similar lies. 56 around the green is a weapon choice for me now and man the control that I have is amazing and confidence-building. This is the first set of clubs that I have bought new. Prior to this, I always bought second-hand, and boy it’s nice to start to see wear patterns on clubs that you know only you made!! The feel, looks, and Price of these wedges are great.

    Ok now for the constructive part. I have measured and calculated the swing weight and total weights of the 56 and its dead nuts a D5 at 463 grams. My other wedges are D5.5 and 469 grams but the Skyforger feels heavier and a difference that I have had to adjust. Im not claiming I can tell the difference in .5 of swing weight, but the point is there is a difference in feel in the swing. is this a bad thing? No!! just different. It’s got to be the shaft and balancing or something. The 52 is great and feels solid all around.

    I’m over the moon with this purchase. the only question I have is can I send them back to the factory to be re-conditioned? At this rate, I am going to wear these out by this time next year!! I would buy them again if the answer is NO!!

  13. Mike B (verified owner)

    Bought the wedges 48 to 60 degree to go with my 101’s. Not one to fawn over products but my short game has easily knocked 5 strokes off my game. 56 has been great from the trap. No longer afraid of the sand. The 60 has been magical when short sided and had to go over something. Normally my short game socks and not to say I don’t thin the occasional shot, but as long as I make a decent swing these are the best wedges I’ve bagged in the 45 years I’ve played this silly game. Thanks Takomo!

  14. Kevin (verified owner)

    Bought all the wedge options from the Skyforger range to match with my 201 irons. The wedges look great but unfortunately don’t feel quite as good as they look.

    The wedges produce enough spin from my experience and get decent stop on the greens. The bounce on the wedges are well designed to help give good turf interaction.

    The distances the wedges go vs the 201 irons leaves a large gap between the 48degree wedge and the pitching wedge. Perhaps offering a 46-50-54-58 option would be better.

    Overall I like the wedges and for the price the feel is OK. Just don’t expect them to rival the likes of Cleveland, Vokey or Taylormade wedges for feel.

  15. Vincent J Nigro (verified owner)

    Wedges will glare bad! In the sun!! Buyer Beware!! DO NOT PURCHASE!! Also the WORST customer service ever!! They will not reply back!!

  16. Wim (verified owner)

    Replaced my Mizuno wedges with these Takomo’s to complete my 101 set. All I can say is that they feel absolutely great. Have to say that I removed the tip weights (bout 8 grams) that apparently are standard with Takomo, cause I prefer slightly lighter wedges. So now touch and feel are amazing and hard to beat by any major brand for double prices.

  17. Chad (verified owner)

    I have all 4 wedges along with the 101’s that they match perfectly. You can really see the detail of the milled faces and the finishes are beautiful. They are some very good looking wedges.

    I hit all of them full from 75-130 yards out in addition to shorter chips and pitches around the greens. The head size and shape have great turf interaction for either shot. And the bounces work great on those open faced shots out of different thickness lies and bunkers. I really like the slightly rounded leading edges as compared to the flat leading edge wedges I had been playing. Just look better and seem easier to hit cleanly.

    They apply ample amounts of spin on both shorter pitches and full shots.
    I have to be somewhat careful with full shots on the softer greens of my home course because they will spin back further than I’d like.

    Overall great looking and performing wedges for the money.

  18. Arthur Cooper (verified owner)

    Used them for first time today great sound and soft feel spin was great for the price don’t think you could buy anything better

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