Iron 101U

The Takomo 101U is a hollow-body utility iron designed for players looking for an explosive, forgiving alternative off the tee. Available in three different lofts, the 101U is meticulously engineered for control, distance, and piercing bombs.

Model: Iron 2

Iron 2
Iron 2 - Backorder
Iron 3 - Backorder
Iron 4 - Backorder

Shaft: KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid 70 Regular

KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid 70 Regular
KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid 70 Regular - Backorder
KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid 80 Stiff - Backorder
KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid 80 X-Stiff - Backorder

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Fairway finders never looked so good.

Take your old, crusty hybrid out of the bag, feed it a nice meal, walk it out back, and shoot it. Something better, shinier, and more reliable is here. Meet the Takomo 101U.

Available in 2, 3, and 4 iron configurations (18°, 20°, and 22° respectively) the Takomo 101U offers undeniable power, low spin, and cutting ball flights.

Rigorous engineering, stunning design.

Distance and forgiveness is the name of the game. The 101U features increased perimeter weighting, a longer blade length, and a thick, weighted sole to encourage consistency and forgiveness. The hollow-body design of the 101U and the thin, precision milling of the face means you get next-level ball speeds.

Not to mention… it’s gorgeous.

Designed for distance.

Hollow body design, precision face.

101U features a hollow-body design with increased sole surface or powerful ball flights. Its precision, thin face enables consistency and even greater transfer of energy from the club to the ball.

Premium components.

Like all Takomo clubs, the 101U is constructed from premium materials, including 431 carbon steel. KBS Hybrid shafts come standard with this iron in addition to lambkin crossline grips.

Low CG sole, optimized perimeter weighting.

The 101U’s increased sole and elongated blade length allows for optimized weighting including low-center-of-gravity weighting in the sole and increased perimeter weighting to encourage confidence, consistency, and forgiveness.

Three lofts available.

The 101U comes in either 2 iron (18°), 3 iron (22°), or 4 iron (22°). Fill in your yardage gaps with the precise and powerful Takomo 101U.


Club Head Number Loft Lie Head Weight Swing Weight Club Length
2 18° 60 240 D2 39.75"
3 20° 60.5 247 D2 39.25"
4 22° 61 254 D2 38.75"