Consistency, distance and looks collide in the Iron 101

Classic blade look with game improvement tech.

Iron 101

Takomo Golf Company

About us

Takomo makes premium golf gear and sells them directly from the manufacturing line to the customer over the internet. We design our products to last time and avoid fast product cycles.

No, we don’t have sponsored players on tour or run TV and magazine ads. Yes, that cost-saving goes directly to our consumers’ pocket. 

Our sole mission at Takomo Golf Company is to offer the highest quality golf products at an affordable price.

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Takomo Insider

One of the most important steps in our product validation is testing with golfers of all skill levels.

If you would like to be considered as part of our test panels, please join our email list and we will inform you about our community testing programs and new product launches.

Oh, and yes, you will get 5% off from your next purchase.