Unfortunately, the product is only sold in the US for now. Hopefully, we will have it available for every hacker out there very soon.

Stand 01 Golf Bag

$279.00 USD

A versatile, tour-tested, stand bag. Stand 01 is Takomo's premium golf bag designed for elegance and functionality. Carry it, put it in a cart, go low, and look good doing it. 

Color: Black


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Uncompromising quality.

Stand 01 is constructed from durable, waterproof faux leather in a matte finish. Dense polymers make up the handle, strap swivels, and other accents.

Heavy duty zippers and magnets are used for the pockets and carbon fiber for the stand legs. Velvety-smooth pocket and divider lining gives this bag a luxurious feel.

This thing is built to last. It's a Takomo, what did you expect?

Versatile and comfortable

The Stand 01 Golf Bag is completely symmetrical. The five-point swivel shoulder straps are soft and comfortable making for easy carrying that responds to your movement.

The straps can be reversed for a leftie configuration or removed entirely, via quick release clips, to turn this stand bag into something more suitable to a cart or simulator set up.

Too fresh, too clean

Simply put, it's a stunner. Stand 01 is a perfect embodiment of our Scandinavian design philosophy. High-quality materials meet beautiful, timeless aesthetics.

Both the black and white matte finishes exude class while functional elements like the included magnetic ball marker and alignment tool make the Stand 01 deeply functional.

Features for days

Magnetic pouches

Features two magnetic pouches. The smaller pouch is perfect for a rangefinder while the larger pouch is ideal for balls.

Zipped storage

There are four zipped pockets on the Stand 01. Two large and two smaller compartments. Wallet, keys, beers? We got you.

Quick-release strap

These comfortable straps feature a five-point swivel system so the bag moves with you. Quick-release clips let you remove the straps with ease.

Carbon fiber legs

Featuring ultra-lightweight carbon fiber legs and an easy-to-use push mechanism allowing it to stand with ease, ensuring smooth movement.

Gadgets and

Comes with a few gadgets including a magnetic ball marker, and a ball alignment tool. Now you don't have an excuse not to mark your ball.


The six-way club divider helps reduce avoidable wear on your clubs. The divider's soft lining helps reduce noise and wear simultaneously.

Insulated drink holders

Keep those bad boys (water, Modelo, flask full of fireball, whatever) cool with two insulated drink compartments located on both sides of the bag.

Umbrella holder and rain hood

Raining like crazy? No worries! Features a simple Hook & loop umbrella holder and high quality rain hood to ensure protection from all elements.

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