the cavity back on Takomo iron 201
Iron 201
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Iron 201

589.00 € EUR

The 201 is a forged player’s iron with control, distance, and great feel.

More right-handed inventory expected in early December.

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the cavity back of Takomo 201 iron

Precision forged

Precision-forged S20C steel gives the Iron 201 a soft feel and responsiveness. The back and face are finished with a custom milling process.

Control, speed and forgiveness

The Iron 201 cavity back design makes it forgiving while retaining workability. The milled back pocket adds ball speed and moves the center of mass low for additional forgiveness.

Who should play the Iron 201?


A players cavity back


One piece forged, with perimiter weighting cavity back

For who?

For an advanced player looking for forgiveness and forged feel

HCP range

From mid to scratch

Iron 201 specs

The 201 comes with 2 different shaft options from KBS: Tour and Tour Lite. Stock set swing weight is D2.

The stock grip, Lamkin Crossline, is designed for golfers who demand Tour-proven performance with classic looks.

The spec sheet for the takomo iron 201

Iron 201 reviews

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42 reviews for Iron 201

  1. Tyrel (verified owner)

    Purchased the 201s with an extra stiff kbs shaft and could not be happier. I am a 4 handicap and these are helping shave strokes on the course. When these are struck pure there is no better feeling. I’ve hit all the big name brands and these perform just as good while being half the price

  2. Frode Tynes (verified owner)

    14 hcp. Was a bit afraid these clubs would be a bit to difficult for me to handle, but luckily i was wrong. They have fantastic swing feel and are for me easy to play. Also have the srixon combo set zx5/zx7, but for me the takomo 201 outperform the srixon in feel. I get the same yardage, but the feel and ease of play is better with the takomo for me. My friend has TM P790s, i feel they are similar but i prefer the 201.

  3. Rod Patterson

    Hi i bought Takomo 201 in april, took some time to get to melbourne due to adding some different specs, played with them last week, loved them, they feel amazing and look incredible too, looking to buy 101’s for the winter months

  4. Chris Rose

    I’ve had these irons for about 6 weeks now and am really impressed. Very solid, great feel, like the minimalist aesthetic. Strike the ball with a really good mid trajectory and the lofts are spot on – stronger than my (very) old Mizunos, but not overly so. Very please to have these in the bag.

  5. Lyell Ernst (verified owner)

    I have come back to golf after 20 plus years away from the game. Back “in the day” I had built a set of Golfsmith Tour cavity forged irons and I carried a low teen handicap. Being older, 68, and basically starting over I thought i would need some “game improvement” clubs. I tried two of the major brands offerings. I was disappointed with the both the clunky look and how they felt. I saw two reviews of the Takomo irons on you tube videos from The Average Golfer and James Robinson and loved the look, the closer to “old School” lofts and being a forged iron. There is truly nothing like the feel and feedback of hitting a forged iron. These look great in the bag and my scoring and confidence are returning. The look, feel and price are awesome. Thank you Takomo !

  6. Pinocchio

    Not a review but a worry. I ordered my 201s with KBS Tour Lites, (regular flex) last night and just discovered this 201 forum/review page. It seems like everyone loves the C-Tapers Lite stiff shafts. No one got Tour Llites, regular or stiff. Gulp. Did I miss the grapevine or what? I will let you know in 6 to 8 weeks, what I think of the Tour Lites.

  7. Bruce Stone (verified owner)

    After watching several review videos, I decided to try them. These are really beautiful irons with the great, soft feel that’s expected with forged irons. Can’t beat the price and shipping from order to arrival was about 10 days. Definitely excellent value for the price.

  8. Evan (verified owner)

    Great customer service.

    Super fast shipping.

    Loving em after my first 5 rounds.

  9. Peter (verified owner)

    These clubs are without a doubt the best I’ve ever played. Great quality, great costumer service and fast shipping (3 days!).
    A very true feel, workable and miss hits give great feedback, while still being fair and forgiving for a forged cavity back iron.
    Distance is actually truly incredible without shots bouncing off of the face, leaving very consistent results. You get what you put into them.
    Striking these things pure is just.. wow. Just so addictive and rewarding. I just can’t stress enough how much clubs rock!

    There is nothing I would love more than to give these clubs a 5 star review, but I just cannot do so. Unfortunately the grips on 4 of the clubs were mis alligned (Lamkin Crossline) and that is just such a shame. I’ve played +10 rounds with them now, hoping that it would be passable, but unfortunately it is not. I’m going to have to re-grip them 🙁

    Thank you Takomo for delivering such high quality irons for such a good price. They have improved my game substantially!

  10. Stephen Flint (verified owner)

    Got a set of 201’s to replace my original p790’s far better feeling clubs I’m actually hitting the 201’s farther just great clubs plus they turned up within 6 days of the order being placed great service nice touch to with the cap and towel that was in the box also would recommend Takomo clubs to anyone

  11. Christopher Johnson (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased a 2nd set of 201’s if that tells you anything. I stumbled across them initially while trolling the wide wide world of golf videos and the price was such I thought why not give them a try. I was a 12 handicap, mainly because iron play is the bane of my existence. I was always tinkering with different irons looking for an option I perceived as looking great, with excellent feel, but still with a healthy amount of forgiveness. Here we are a year later and I’m at a 9 handicap, as I’m far more consistent using these irons. I look forward to reaching my goal of being a 6 handicap with them.

  12. Rick C (verified owner)

    Love love love my 201 irons.
    Fantastic forged irons at a great price!
    I have recommended these to ALL my friends.

  13. OWEN

    Amazing, I’ve been playing 10 years now and believe it or not I got my very first hole in one with these. 🙂 Great feel and sound, could’t be more happy with them. I thought the offset would put me off, however not at all. Will be sticking to these for a while. Great job Takomo.

  14. Richard Lehman (verified owner)

    Live in Wisconsin, ordered the 201 with regular flex shafts. I am a 65 year old with a 3 handicap. Played forged irons for years, loved the feedback and control of distance. Went to more forgiveness irons 3 years ago, gained back distance, lost the feel.
    Now have 5 rounds in with the new irons and I am absolutely in love with them. The feel and control is back. If you are a good iron player and want to save big, check out Takoma. Big shout out for the quick shipping and great customer support.

  15. Code Crimzon (verified owner)

    I admittedly planned to return my 201 irons. I was going down a different iron path, but in the end I decided to keep the 201s and put them into play.

    I chose the right path, and wish I hadn’t second guessed myself. Smooth feeling, good feedback. The shaft/head combo gets the ball in the air in a hurry, and I need help with shot height. The ball lands softly, no extra roll out on greens like I was getting with previous irons. I don’t feel like I have to do anything strange with my swing. Just a natural swing and the ball goes.

    My shots go straight, aside from bad swings. If I need to work the ball I’m able to do that a bit, though it’s not my strength. The club heads are just the right size – sleeker than GI, but not scary like blades can be. The clubs straight up perform. They look amazing, and it’s cool to use an iron set not many others have.

    I had no issues with ordering and the irons arrived in a timely manner. Takomo customer service was stellar, even through my will I?/won’t I? return process. So glad I kept them.

  16. K (verified owner)

    Very nice and soft feel. And looks amazing 🙂 Ordered the 201s, and 1 week later I got them.

  17. Mika Pirttimäki (verified owner)

    Just great, clubs came in about 7 days after placing the order. They got great soft feel and they are absolutelu worth every cent!

  18. Jason N

    The Takomo 201s are amazing. I got the C-Taper Lite S with them and it pairs perfectly for my game. I was coming from Srixon 5,7,9 combo set with Modus 120X shafts and these are much softer but with still a nice kick on impact. Both sets were forged but these just feel better. The looks exceeded my expectations as the lines are classic and not overly chunky. The blade length was slightly shorter than I envisioned but overall an great looking iron. For the price you really can’t go wrong and would highly recommend them.

  19. Kevin

    I ordered a customised set of 201s and love them. They feel fantastic out the middle and still feel good on off centre hits. The clubs also look great which inspires confidence at address and I like the small offset they used, which was what encouraged me to purchase these clubs. Very happy with my purchase, keep up the good work Takomo ☺️

  20. Greg Patterson (verified owner)

    Purchased Takomo 201’s with Kbs C-taper lite reg shafts. All the specs were standard. Arrived within a fortnight. Absolutely fabulous clubs. The heads are soft and responsive. Great feeling clubs. Highly recommend. Hopefully Takomo will make raw wedges so I can complete the set.
    Greg (3 Hcp)
    Melbourne, Australia

  21. Mark Conroy

    I am blown away with the 201. I had them custom made and the quality is fantastic. But out on the course they are performing so well. Soft feel, playability good looks and a great price! I just wish they could offer custom fit for the wedges? Any news on a driver? or other clubs?

  22. Christopher Johnson (verified owner)

    Just received my 2nd set of 201’s, they are perfect. I didn’t really appreciate the first set enough, such I bought the Srixon ZX4’s, and though they clobber the ball they were just to close to super game improvement for me. I then ordered the Mizuno Pro 225’s and played 18 holes with them before trading them in, as they in no way feel like the solid Mizuno’s I grew up loving. Then I pulled the 201’s back out and gave them another turn, and I realized they feel forged soft and really help me get the ball up (weight is low and back). I then understood, like good wine, irons don’t have to be expensive to be an excellent choice. Regripped both sets with Golf Pride Tour Wrap mid-size grips and I’m ready to roll. For me they are a solid and forgiving iron, with the great feel of being forged. I highly recommend them.

  23. Pekka (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, super fast delivery.
    Used to play with Wilson FG Tour V6 clubs which I found very forgiving , with these 201 clubs I find it harder to reach the sweet spot and bad shots are worse than earlier. But good shots are longer and feel great. Anyway only sim experience so far.

    Pekka HCP11

  24. Sean

    First let talk customer service. 3 off my clubs came with the swing weights loose. These guys answered my emails straight away and told me that they would pay for my local guy to fix and send them the bill when it was done. Honestly these things happen and the way these guys handled it is rare (for this day and age). Clubs feel great and look amazing (not that I really care about that). I have hit at the sim and the range and am weather watching everyday waiting to hit a round with them.
    This company is fantastic.

  25. Young Sick Kwon (verified owner)

    No doubt 201 is nice looking and nice feeling iron set. But their quality is very skeptical. After only 4 weeks with about 4 rounds of golf I got rust on the surface of skyforger wedges (48 & 56`) as well as pitch wedge, 5 & 4 irons. And 8 irons there are signs of rust. Never experienced rust on other brands before. I always use headcover as well as iron sets are washed with running water and remove dirt from grooves with very soft brush and dry with towels afterwards after every round. My lob wedge from another brand is soon 2 years old and well used on the surface, there are no signs of rust like 201 models. Have sent mail and pictures to takomo and their reply is their manager needs to study more closely on pictures and will contact me and it is more than 1 months ago and have heard nothing.

    • Takomo


      Really sorry for the bad experience. Resolving the issue took a bit long as we never had this issue before.

      We will replace the full set as there might be some issue with plating on clubs.

  26. tyler (verified owner)

    clubs are great feel, but wear very quickly, also had a big problem getting a defective club replaced (Which is still not resolved… this would not be the case if you used a major brand) TLDR: you get what you pay for; nice feel comp to a Callaway apex but will wear much quicker (faster depreciation) so in the long run might want to just save up for a much better brand with much better customer service (its been 6 months and I still have not received a proper pitching wedge all I’ve got is a myriad of excuses.)

    • Takomo


      Really sorry for the long waiting time and bad experience.

      The shaft that you requested has a really low availability at the moment. That’s why the replacement has taken so long. We are doing our best to get you the new PW as soon as possible.

  27. Matt Hobbs (verified owner)

    I purchazed these irons very recently and received them in a matter of a few days which was fantastic.

    I have played Mizuno and Wilson Staff forged irons over the last 20 years.To date, so far I have found that when struck correctly they feel so soft and give great feedback and certainly do not lack distance. On more off centre hits however they still are quite forgiving for that of a players iron.I have been able to shape them well when needed ,in both directions and feel so far they have improved my golf further ( I play off a 6 hcp at quite a windy testing course)

    For the price they are unbeatable in my opinion and are supplied with a choice of quality KBS shafts and Lamkin grips.I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a very stylish cap and towel on delivery( a lovely touch)

    In essence I dont think any purchaser will be disappointded by these clubs.Visually they look rather lovely too and ooze quality.

  28. Joe Donohoe

    Got my 201s on Monday 21 Feb and I hit the range with great anticipation, I brought along some of my previous irons so I could get a good comparison from the 2 sets, Trackman was set up and for my test I was working off ball speed as range balls can differ from ball to ball, To my amazement the ball speeds on my 201s were up on all comparison clubs ie 7 iron to 7 iron and it didnt feel like I was hitting them as they have a lovely soft feel off the face.So far so good now to take them to the course..

  29. Bradley (verified owner)

    These Irons changed my game. I am a 30 yr old part time golfer who was an 18 HC struggling to get distance and accuracy with my callaway irons. I received the 201s bc I wanted to better myself with more player irons. Straight from the box I felt a little intimidated by the looks but all that went away on the first hit. I was aiming my shots and getting easily 15-20 yards further on the ball. The feel is another thing after hitting 100 balls my hand didn’t hurt bc of the soft feel. Thanks Takoma Golf and others who convinced me to switch irons. Lower your handicap and feel like a pro

  30. Roy Bierman

    I receive the 201 irons in January. The irons are perfect. With the C-taper Light stiff shafts I managed to increase my distantie with 20 yards. Each hit has more control and accuracy. So I am very happy with them.

  31. Bob Franklin (verified owner)

    I bought the 201 irons with C taper stiff shafts. I’ve had them for about three weeks now and I love them. Solid feel, great trajectory, and a look that instills confidence. Great irons at a great price.

  32. Doug Shepherd (verified owner)

    Wanted the 101s but stock was gone in hours so could never get a set. With that I would see the 201s and loved the looks. Having owned 50 sets since 1975 of all type irons and favoring forged cavity backs I plunged in. Getting older and although still strong the flexibility goes and concerned if I had enough game for the 201s. Knowing the C-Taper Lite was the shaft I was fitted for in one of my favorite sets the Srixon 545s. There was one set left at the time and happened to be with the C-Taper Lites. Being in Michigan and getting these back in November I haven’t been on the course and can only speak to my visits to the various heated hitting ranges two of the best golf shops if Michigan. I demo the 201s with my G410 /SteelFiber and various irons from these shops. Having owned all those sets I mentioned I have a pretty decent feel for what an iron can do and assuming the course results match the range I will be adding one of Takomo’s wedges. So far so good.

  33. Shane Bate

    I’ve had them for about a month now and I love everything about them. Got them with c-taper stiff shafts and they’re playing like a dream. They look great behind the ball and bring me all the confidence in the world knowing that even if I don’t catch it perfectly, they’re still gonna turn out alright, very forgiving

  34. Arthur Cooper

    I brought the heads only fitted Nippon Zelos shafts to them WOW they are brilliant feel is fantastic ball flight is great you honestly can’t get anything better for the price well done Takomo for offering quality clubs for a great price

  35. Ian

    I seen a review on Youtube, and purchased the 4-PW heads (super quick delivery) and put in TT XP 95 R Flex shafts at D2 Swing weight, and set lie angle to the same as my big brand irons, they went in the bag and haven’t come out. Currently a 10 Hcp on the world system. Forgiveness is there with the softness I wanted. Great value. I will be trying the wedges later in the year.
    Highly Recommend

  36. Greg

    Purchased 201 clubheads only and fitted them with Nippon 950GH shafts at the same time had them SST Pured by GolfWorks. Second round with them and holed my second shot on a par 4 (369 meters) with 8 iron. Clubs feel really good thought my previous irons Srixon Z585 would be hard to beat but the 201 feel top class.
    Greg (New Zealand).

  37. Lasse Pohjola

    I play 17HCP and bought my set a week ago. I was wondering a bit between 101 and 201 series but ended up buying more advanced 201 set. What a match! I’m super excited how these irons feel, the sound, the touch.. Compared to my old ones, with these 201 clubs I find it harder to reach the sweet spot but even a lousy swing brings more accurate result, shot is just a bit shorter. I spend three days in range in a row and second time in my golf history I had that wow-feeling when the ball is really going where I want it to go. That feeling definitely built up my confident and as a result I won today our local club’s monthly comp.. Great value clubs!
    Lasse / Finland

  38. Justin Dean (verified owner)

    I purchased the 201 irons (130 x-stiff c-tap everything standard) on 10/21 and received them on 10/28. So, my hc is +1.5 and I’ve been playing some old irons for too long, it was time to move on to some better irons. After hitting the range and playing a couple times I am BLOWN AWAY by these irons. On the range I tried all sorts of different shots. I was able to work the ball left, right, high (despite low spin low launch shaft) and low with ease. They felt as soft or softer than any club I’ve hit, when I hit it flush it was so soft I had to look down to make sure I hit the ball, lol. Miss hits are pretty forgiving for this type of iron. On the course I had time to hit multiple balls. I hit off the toe, heel, and high on the face. I only lost a few yards in distance, if that, and didn’t see much movement off my target line, distance control and trajectory was great. Now these were miss hits on purpose with good swings, not bad swings. No club is going to help correct a bad swing. I was not expecting to shoot well playing for the first time but I shot a 70 and I was about 15 yards longer with each club. Overall, you can’t beat the quality and price of these irons. The only down side I can think of is that I didn’t get to order some wedges as well, lol. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the wedges and future irons perform just as well. Great job Takomo!

  39. Alasdair Kelly (verified owner)

    Delivered much quicker than I thought and I absolutely love the look and feel of the 201s. The weather in Scotland of late means I’ve only hit them off mats but I can’t wait to get them onto the course.

  40. DEAN WINNING (verified owner)

    Purchased 201’s 4 to PW with C Taper lite stiff flex, delivered super quick. These irons feel amazing, super soft and pretty forgiving on mishits, anyone hesitant about buying these don’t be, I have played a lot of clubs in my time and these are up there with the big boys, Highly recommended, keep up the good work Takomo.

  41. Peter Nilsson

    Bought the 201 4-PW clubheads, put my own True Temper shafts on and they are great irons!
    Feels great and are really bang for the buck. Highly recommended.
    Peter (7Hcp)

  42. Todd Michaelis

    Purchased the 201 iron with the 120 Stiff C-Taper Shaft. Kept everything standard so the clubs would arrive in record time as they did. Literally took off the plastic wrappers and played first round with them and was absolutely amazed at the quality and feel of the clubs. Was worried about the shaft after watching several other reviews but they performed AMAZING! As for me I’m a 7 handicap and on this day at Wildfire Palmer course in Scottsdale shot +1 for the first time using clubs. They were accurate and had the distance I was hoping they would have. Forgiving and felt spectacular.
    Todd Scottsdale…

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