Takomo Iron 101
Iron 101
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Iron 101

459.00 $ USD

When forgiveness, distance, and looks collide – you’re left with our new Iron 101.

(119 customer reviews)
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Classic looks

Beautifully designed 431 carbon steel muscle-back irons, yet hollow body design promotes forgiveness without giving up your distance or looks.

Forgiving with maximum distance

The Iron 101 hollow body design makes it extremely forgiving. The face is precision-milled thin for high ball compression and spring effect for maximum ball speed, even on mishits.

Takomo iron 101 has a hollow body


The stock setup is designed for high launch and distance. The stock shaft, KBS Tour Lite, is designed for players seeking higher trajectory, additional spin, and maximum distance. We also have the tour-proven KBS Tour available for stock sets.

The stock grip, Lamkin Crossline, is designed for golfers who demand Tour-proven performance with classic looks.

The spec sheet for the takomo iron 101

When game improvement meets distance

The Iron 101 face is precision-milled 1.65 mm thin to achieve a high COR value. The hollow body design is comprised of a soft 431 stainless steel body welded to a hardened heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel face.

Iron 101 reviews

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119 reviews for Iron 101

  1. Tyler Riggs (verified owner)

    Great for the money. Great distance, forgiveness, and shot shaping. Fast shipping.

    If you are a mediocre to decent striker you will have no problem shaping shots with forgiveness for off-center strikes. Also a great iron to pickup as you improve your ball striking and work for consistency while not being severely penalized for mishit shots.

    I have played a set of Ben Hogan Apex Pro Forged blades since I was in highschool and after taking a 3 year break I just could not strike my irons the way I used to. Looking for more forgiveness without losing the shaping ability I began my search for a new set of irons used or new that was under $600. after searching, I came across a youtube video of the Takomo Irons and began watching reviews and reading up on them. I took the leap and ordered a set. I have enjoyed being happy with mis-strikes as they are much closer than they would have been with my 20-year-old blades. They are very soft for being a cast iron and I have not had any trouble shaping my shots with the 101’s.

  2. Paul Durkin

    Takomo 101 iron. Was a bit nervous have to say. Took delivery recently and had a couple of range sessions and could not believe how great they feel and look. Dispersion was right on the money in fact way better than my old clubs. Today went onto the course absolutely amazed how well I hit them. The whole experience from point of order to arriving was amazing and cannot wait to get out and become that better golfer this season. A very very happy 15.8 handicapper. Do not hesitate people get ordering. The pricing is way beyond good value and to take delivery with freebie’s aswell. Just dont know how they do it. Thanks Takomo….

    Will update you mid summer, cheers all!

  3. Juniorgproductions

    I hit these just as far as the paradyms! I absolutely love them and for the price they’re so worth it!

  4. James Harris

    I don’t often leave reviews for anything, such as travel or purchases. However, I felt compelled to leave this review to support Takomo. I had been looking for new clubs for a few months and came across Takomo 101s through the TXG Review. Although a 6.4 handicapper, I am not the purest ball-striker in the world, so was looking for something a bit more forgiving.

    Having watched the reviews, I liaised with customer services who were super-helpful in helping me choose between 101s, 101Ts and 201s; I took what I thought was a bit of a punt and ordered. I knew my specs from a fitting, so being able to order the right shaft type and length was great. I was fully expecting to have to wait 8-12 weeks for delivery to the UK, however to my delight, they arrived yesterday in just under 6 weeks. (the cap and towel is a great extra touch).

    I went straight to the driving range and was just blown away by how nice they were. I had 15+ yards on my previous distances and they were smooth and easy to hit. They look incredible; a guy in the bay next to me even commented and asked what clubs they were!

    For those of you on the fence, just take the leap and you will not be disappointed. I went for a fitting for Mizunos at £1200 and these feel no less better for a third of the price.

    I can’t wait for the custom wedges, utility irons etc!

  5. Claude Bara (verified owner)

    Love my new 101 Irons. Distance is comparable to my old Taylormade RSI irons and I love the look and feel. I did change the grips to midsize Golf Pride as the stock grips were standard and I wanted tacky midsize. My only issue with Takomo is that as a “Lefty” these clubs were the only ones I could buy. None of the other Takomo club options (That I could see) offered a left handed option. Now I wait for Takomo woods. 🙂

  6. Lionel Margaka

    Started playing beginning of 2022. Found out about the 101s after watching some reviews on youtube. Ordered them with standard steel shaft as I had no idea whether the other shafts would work for me. They’re a delight to play with! Feels good and looks very good in the bag (had several comments that I had premium looking irons in my bag). Cap and towel nice bonus. Packaging of the clubs were great so they were in pristine condition upon opening.

  7. Andrew Johnsen (verified owner)

    Really happy with my purchase. They look great, the weight is just right and I’m getting a club more distance out of these compared to my old MacGregor irons. Was surprised with just how quickly the ball gets up in the air. Really forgiving, would definitely recommend for anyone wanting more distance and forgiveness out of their irons.

  8. Palle Schiøtt Johannessen

    I haven’t yet received my gorgeous looking and costumfit 101’s – but expecting them to be sleek, longlasting and forgiving just like my spouse. Further comments on the 101’s when I’ve played some rounds.

  9. n.mackison

    Really happy with my purchase. These clubs are just stunning to look at and are also extremely easy and forgiving to hit. When price is added to the equation it is a no brainer!!!!

  10. Sakari (verified owner)

    My new 101’s look and feel great, I’m looking forward to the start of the new season.

  11. Janne Leppänen (verified owner)

    I have now played one season with the 101 irons. My hcp dropped from 25 -> 19.3 this season. The irons feel great and best of all, they look awsome!

  12. Michael

    These clubs are the perfect mix of performance and visual appeal for all golfers. I have never owned an iron that is as easy to hit 4 through PW. I cannot speak highly of these clubs.

  13. Nomie (verified owner)

    Irons took about 2 months to get but well worth the wait. As pure an iron you’ll find at a price point that’s unmatched. Sleek look, great feel and flies off the face. Everyone I play with inquire about them, I tell them go order, now!

  14. Brandon Vroman

    These clubs are amazing and just as good as the big box brands. Can’t wait to get out and use them more. Best golf purchase I’ve made in a long time, you won’t regret it.

  15. Juha (verified owner)

    My 101 irons are perfect, look very good and easy to hit, perfect sound and feel.

  16. Carlo (verified owner)

    As a high handicapper whose made enough progress to justify newer clubs, I decided to take a chance on the Takomo 101s and I’m glad I did. The clubs not only inspire a ton more confidence in my game, but I can genuinely say that my shots have improved over the older game improvement clubs I was using. I wish I had pulled the trigger on these a season or two sooner.

    They look great (even over the ball), they feel great, and I no longer fear what should be an easy iron onto the green. I likely wont hit it, but now I feel like I have a chance. I’m feeling the ball and contact for the first time which has helped my game immensely.

  17. Peter B (verified owner)

    Have the 101’s and a 48 wedge. I play of hcp 8. It’s a nice set of irons looking great in my bag. Only thing is sometimes they go to straight 😮 (is that a bad thing?) Looking to maybe upgrade and get 201’s or 101T

  18. David Paul

    When my irons came (in the middle of winter- no simulator near by) I couldn’t resit chipping around the living room, just to see how they feel. Even doing this, I can feel the back JUMP off the club face like nothing else I’ve hit. I’ve always wanted a set of irons that would help me hit it longer and more consistently. I think I’m about to be VERY happy!

  19. mblomroos (verified owner)

    The iron 101 is supposed to be a game improvement club. Well, it hasn’t improved my game at all. I find these a lot more difficult than my old Ping G-series clubs. I struggled with them for the latter half of the season and my handicap went up a couple of shots. They are pretty, but otherwise they haven’t delivered for me.
    I’ll give them one more chance during the winter season Trackman sessions. If I don’t learn to play them, I need to get another set.

  20. David Cunningham

    Ordered these urons to help me be LESS BAD at golf! Processing/shipping estimates were spot on, although no notification they had shipped, it was a surprise delivery, which was also nice. It is outrageously cold where I live right now, so no use yet other than swinging them around the backyard with “birdie balls,” so far they feel exactly as advertised. Softer than the competition, while still playing long and forgiving. Will update my review once we get a little warm weather and I can get out to the range/course without losing a few fingers to frostbite, 4 stars for now!

  21. Luke Reaves (verified owner)

    I’ve had these for almost a year now and can honestly say very competitive against name brand clubs love the way they feel and perform just wish as usual there were more options for lefties will be getting matching wedges soon hopefully you guys will come out with a driver and putter soon so I can fill my bag🙏🤞

  22. Dylan

    Exactly as advertised!!! Everything feels so premium and I loved being able to customize everything to me. The Takomo team was also great at responding to emails and answering questions. Will definitely be coming back for some wedges and anything else they drop!!!!

  23. Nolan Johnson (verified owner)

    I ordered the Takomo 101s midway through the year last year and I must say, it was a great buy. The irons are beautifully designed and feel great to hit. I would recommended them to anyone. I also got a Skyforger wedge for Christmas this year, which I have not hit yet, but off looks alone I’m already in love.

  24. Ryan (verified owner)

    Before I say anything negative, these clubs are amazing. 5/5 in every aspect that you want with a set of irons. Would 100% recommend. I am a mid-high handicapper and these are really giving me the confidence hitting my irons. Can’t wait to play with them properly when the weather improves in England.

    Here’s the thing to consider. Another downside of brexit is that you now have to pay shipping fees. Clubs cost about £432 inc shipping, great. However on arrival I have paid an additional £113. So a total of £550…

    A total of £550 for a great looking, sounding and feeling set of irons? You’d take that if it’s your budget. Just something to consider.

  25. Keith Schmidt (verified owner)

    Ordered them Thursday December 30th 2022, got them today January 4th 2023. Extremely fast shipping to the US from facility in Hong Kong. Was not expecting it but Hat and towel included. They look SEXY as hell!! It’s a little to wet & cold plus not many courses open yet. Can’t wait to try them out.

    Tried to upload photos, can’t get them to load. Will update after I can get to the range and play with them

  26. Simon Hardisty (verified owner)

    Ordered these clubs on the 10th November and they arrived on the 3rd January. I live in the UK. They told me they could take up to 8 weeks so can’t complain. Unboxing the club’s was amazing. They are absolutely stunning and they came with a hat and towel which is a nice touch. As soon as I unboxed them I was straight up the range. They will take a bit of time to get used to but I seen glimpses of what these clubs can do! I currently play off 15 but with these now in the bag I feel I can get low this year!

    I ordered the customised 101s with a tour stiff shaft. I used to hit a fade but now I’m hitting a baby draw which is nice to see. I was carrying this PW 155 yards which is unheard of for me. Normally that’s my 8iron!

    Very happy with the club’s and I look forward to testing them out on a course this weekend 👍

  27. Andy

    My customised 101s was shipped out within their estimated timeframe. The clubs play great, and were just dead straight. They really can compete with the big brands, and are a huge bang for their buck. Also, their sleek look just knocks the competition right out of the park.

  28. Phil B. (verified owner)

    Pure Class! Hit these irons right out of the box! Just a few swings into it. I was locked in? Very forgiving and distances were awesome from anywhere from 8-9 meters separation between each club from 4iron thru pw.

  29. Jim Obermeyer (verified owner)

    These irons are amazing. I get more distance and they are so easy to hit. I opted for the Fujikura Atmos A shaft and love them. The 101 irons perform exactly as advertised. I ordered on a Friday and they arrived the following Friday. Shipping cost was $50.00 from Hong Kong to Tennessee. This was one of the best internet transactions I’ve had. Thanks Takomo, I’ll be ordering your wedges soon.

  30. rgkeithjr

    Extremely happy with the 101’s. I am a single handicap player who is getting a little older so I needed the extra distance in my irons. I found them easy to play and I am still able to work the ball when needed. I play with my son alot and he’s already tired of me constantly telling him how much I like the clubs.

  31. Jason

    I picked up the 101’s through the heads only option as I can be a bit picky on shafts and am not a fan of the KBS. Hopefully as Takomo grows they will add better shaft options to their matrix.
    I built them with Project X LZ 6.0 shafts, GP MCC+4 midsize grips, and BB&F ferrules. Turned out really sweet. Paint fill will likely happen now that they’re together and in use.
    I am really impressed with the feel of these heads. They are a lot softer than any previous game improvement or non-forged iron I’ve ever felt. They can give most forged clubs a run for their money on feel. Not only do they feel great, they perform. I’m still working on my swing, so the distance isn’t where I want it to be, but I’m getting more than I have in the past. Very rarely is a thin or toe strike super punishing in terms of distance or direction. Great feel, more distance (and more to come), and highly forgiving. That’s a damn good combination. Then add the value proposition, and it’s a no-brainer.

  32. Parker

    Nice looking irons. Thin top line but a massive sole… Hit ’em straight and far, but much time getting into these 101s [after playing froged irons]. Disappointed in the Lamkin mid-grips (awful)…. Much prefer my old GP Tour wraps [in comparison to the Lamkins], and will change grips in these 101s. Also while bitching; wish there was a 3-iron in the set.

  33. Paul Stainsby (verified owner)

    Played my first round today with my new 101’s, been playing for just over a year after a ten year break and was using a 10 year old package set. These clubs are fantastic, gained at least 10 yards on each club, great forgiveness, great feel. Look amazing, so pleased I went for these clubs after all the great reviews, price was brilliant, I will certainly be looking at wedges, and hopefully a driver from Takomo , thank you

  34. David Brousseau (verified owner)

    They look so great and the feel is awsome. Best irons I’ve played hands down!!

  35. Bo Bosarge (verified owner)

    I Really want to love these clubs. They look amazing and are pretty forgiving. I just haven’t been able to find consistency with them. Hoping that will come over time.

  36. Tanner (verified owner)

    The 101’s are great irons. I have been playing 20-year-old irons and the difference is night and day. My distance is further, shots are more consistent, and the look and feel of the clubs are great. The shipping was quick, arrived with no damage, and the added towel and hat was much appreciated. Can’t wait to try out the other models in the future.

  37. Tom

    Moved from an old hand me down set of Srixon irons with regular shaft to the 101’s with a stiff shaft. It has taken me a few months to adjust to the offset and shaft but now that I have, I absolutely love these clubs. They feel amazing on good strikes and are super forgiving on bad ones. All this at such an amazing price and looking as good as they do. Simply the best value for money high quality golf clubs you can get.

  38. Royce Chang (verified owner)

    After seeing these irons around social media for a while decided to pull the trigger and couldn’t be happier. I have no idea how these shipped from Hong Kong to California in 3 days but im not gonna complain. Came from Sim Max and Rogue Irons. These are just as forgiving and feel like rocket ships. Went KBS tour 120g stiff and these helped me gain probably 10 yards over my previous clubs. My favorite part is that they just look so damn good compared to some other ugly game improvement irons. You gotta love what you play and just looking at these irons makes me happy. For the price nothing can beat these. Definitely a Takomo fan now.

  39. Russ Batley (verified owner)

    Absolutely over the moon with these clubs . I ordered them on Saturday and they arrived the following Friday. The clubs look amazing and I have had lots of good comments from other golfers.
    I am a single figure handicapper who has used callaway clubs for the past twenty years, but theses 101 irons are as good as any of the top brands at a fraction of the price.

  40. Adam

    Awesome clubs and right up there with the more established brands for your average golfer. I’m just getting back into golf after many years away and the 101’s suit me perfectly and are amazingly soft and feel great. Great that you can choose custom shaft lengths and mid sized grips. So easy and great product at a great price point.

  41. Bill W (verified owner)

    Purchased 101 clubs with graphite shafts. At 67 I had stopped using a 4 iron from my previous set and replaced it with a hybrid. The new 101 clubs allowed me to retire the hybrid and start using a 4 iron again hitting up to 190 yard shots. The complete set is beautiful. Also purchased two Skyforger wedges, great for full shots, sand, pitching, and chipping!

  42. Al C (verified owner)

    I am delighted with my new 101 irons. Very helpful customer services team answered all of my questions by email and helped me choose model and shaft for my 18 handicap game. The clubs arrived with me in Scotland 3 days after I ordered them which was very impressive. They look great and are clearly well made. I have enjoyed playing with them – they are stronger lofts than my previous clubs so I am still getting accustomed to hitting the ball further ( and straighter ) than I am used to. The entire experience has been first class and they are great value for the quality of product. If ordering into the UK remember there will be an additional charge levied by the courier for Import/Customs Duty which you are contacted about once the clubs are en route. But even with this additional cost ( around £100 for the 101s ) the clubs remain excellent value. No hesitation in recommending Takomo.

  43. Ernie Mac (verified owner)

    Played P790 irons until I got the 101. These irons are excellent quality and look beautiful. I found they were very similar to the p790 in sound and feel. They are a bit longer than my current irons. Would not hesitate to recommend them. Price is a huge bonus.

  44. philip whiteman (verified owner)

    just shot a 75 gross today off a 14 handicap these 101,s a great

  45. Peter (verified owner)

    Ordered the 101’s cause I loved the looks. They perform very well but sometimes feel they go too straight 🙂 when trying to draw or fade some shots. Thinking of getting the 201’s as well!
    Thanks Takomo!

  46. Jonas D

    Ordered the Takomo 101 irons with KBS Tour Lite shafts and midsize grips. So far really pleased with the performance of the irons, the look and feel is similar to Taylormade P790. Great value at low price.

  47. Tony M.

    These irons perform similar to the previous high-end irons I’ve played, but for considerably less $$$. Great for those who want to try something new from the name brand companies, but don’t want to spend too much. These irons are very easy to play and distances are consistent.

  48. Bruce Matsui

    New owner of 101 irons. I’ve had Callaways, Taylor Made, and Cleveland Irons, and these 101’s are the BEST!! Have added 10 yds on my shots and this has given me loads of confidence. I like the lower trajectory of these irons and the accuracy. Crisp shots used to be a rarity in my game but not any more. Have taken off an average of 5 strokes per round. Am now in the 80’s with regularity. Waiting for Takomo Woods. Not bad for a 77 year old!

  49. Gavin Humphries (verified owner)

    Feel great and look great. Can’t ask for anything more for the price of these irons.

  50. philip whiteman (verified owner)

    i absolutely love these irons superb looks and feel off them

  51. Kaarlo Bergdahl (verified owner)

    Really happy the clubs I choose. Soft feel and love the design as well good amount of shaft options. Consider as a good option for anyone👌

  52. Chi Wai (verified owner)

    My first new set of Iron ever, I likes the clubs very much. Better performance, distance and accuracy using the new 101 iron set. Highly recommended.
    And hope to see more new amazing product from takomo, i.e. driver, wood, hybrid. =)

  53. Eetu

    These clubs have helped me tremendously in reaching for lower scores. 5/5 all day every day!

  54. Nick (verified owner)

    I will say straight off I am not the greatest ball striker, I’m still pretty new to the game. With that being said my mis-hits are much better with these clubs, (101’s KBS Regular Tour shafts) the ball goes straight no matter where you hit it on the club face. I’m happy to support a company that is making a beautiful product for half the price of the big name brands. These new clubs give me the confidence that I need to continue to get better and keep improving as a golfer.

  55. Toni (verified owner)

    Sinceramente van realmente bien y lo han probado jugadores con un HCP bajo y les ha gustado mucho.
    Sinceramente es una compra garantizada.
    Me gustaría probar los 201 pero no está el mundo como para ir comprando palos golf para probar
    Si tienes dudas…. Olvídalas!

  56. Damian Montes de Oca Lopez (verified owner)

    I think they are very good quality products, they really forgive the game a lot, ideal for those who are really learning to control their distances from the short and semi-long game, congratulations from great sticks

  57. Don Johnson

    I have the 101 irons and put graphite shafts in the set minus my 2 skyforger wedges. The irons gave a beautiful balance and explosive face. What’s more, they look/feel like a blade but have wonderful feel and forgiveness of a cavity back improvement iron. These irons are the real deal with great playability. Best irons I’ve ever owned hands down.

  58. Jaime Dodge (verified owner)

    HDCP: +16 Height: 5’10”
    I ordered the 101s with the KBS Tour Lite – Stiff shafts. I upgraded from a prebuilt set of clubs I bought and it is absolutely night and day. Feel 5/5: The feel of the irons is amazing and provide good feedback on mishits.
    Sound 5/5: Sound with ball contact is amazing.
    Looks 5/5: I have only gotten compliments for the clubs when people see them in my bag. The blade look but with the forgiveness of a cavity back.
    Forgiveness 5/5 : Off hits towards the toe or heel I didn’t see large loss on distance.
    Shot Shape 3/5: You can shape your shots a little bit with these irons its designed to hit straight.
    Length out of box was perfect for me.
    Would absolutely recommend these to newer golfers or mid to high handicappers.

  59. Chris Shuttlesworth (verified owner)

    Got these for my 15 year old daughter who plays for the high school. She loves them and is playing her best golf. The takomo crew made it easy to get her fitted to these clubs. They were very responsive and very helpful. You wont regret your purchase.

  60. Mark

    I’ve been able to play with my 101’s 4 times now and have never hit the ball straighter. Learning all new distances and trying to remember if it’s 1 or 2 clubs less has been the biggest challenge. I had to wait a long time to finally get these, but it was sooo worth it!!!

  61. Richard Wright (verified owner)

    Brought the iron 101, very impressed with first try at the range can’t wait to get out on the course now! Great customer service, very quick delivery and one happy customer. Thank you Takomo golf!

  62. Ben Brabbin

    I love them. They feel great. Order them fitted for myself which makes them even better. Also came with a hat and towel which were a nice touch. The distance are perfect. The gapping is exactly what I’d hope for in the two times since I’ve got them I’ve done bag mapping on my launch monitor.

  63. Gabe

    Amazing clubs. Very forgiving, great feel, and look very clean. Could not tell the difference between a big brand and these at half the cost. I thought the 101s might be a bit clunky but are surprisingly sleek.

  64. Wais Yardam (verified owner)

    Love the look, feel, forgiveness and sound of these clubs. I was playing with someone that played p790’s and he said he loved the sound of mine comparatively.
    Great we’ll rounded set of irons that won’t break the bank. Best value clubs out there !

  65. Matt (verified owner)

    Love them! Easy to hit a nice cut and have a really good look and feel.

  66. Imre (verified owner)

    First of all the irons look absolutely amazing. Getting compliments every time I play.

    They are easy to hit and fly far. I’m especially pleased how easy the 4&5 iron are to hit.

  67. TCool96 (verified owner)

    The Takomo product and service is outstanding.
    Very helpful customer service and responses are received with little wait time.
    The unboxing of my new 101’s was highly anticipated, which I received within two weeks of ordering. Takomo takes pride in their product, which you get to experience even when unwrapping each club!
    I’ve only had two range sessions along with playing a quick 9 with my new clubs, but I have to say they deliver. The extra distance is real! Another plus is the sound. Normally a cast iron sounds “ clicky” almost like a miss hit, not the case with the 101’s. They have a soft feel and sound, I was very surprised. If you are use to a player’s iron, the top line at address for the 101’s takes a little getting use to, but not bad at all. Lastly, the only thing I have changed within one week is the stock grips. The Lamkin grips are very nice, I just needed a larger mid-size grip instead of the standard grip they came with. Very pleased with the product, can’t wait to see what’s next from Takomo!

  68. Aaron (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the Iron 101 set as a replacement for my Titleist 775CB irons. Soft feel and added forgiveness; as others have said, these tend to go where you’re aiming them and the carry distances are impressive. Trajectory and spin numbers look great on my launch monitor as well. Hard to beat the value these irons offer!

  69. Mohamed (verified owner)

    Ordered my 101s and got them delivered to me in 10 days. Brilliant delivery time and now to the clubs.

    They are amazing, the feel great, look great and delivers great out on the course. I’ve never felt such a feeling to go out on the course with my new clubs and are completely in love with them.

    It’s also fun to see my friends with 1500-2000 € sets of iron not believing how good they are for that price. Can absolutely recommend!

  70. DON KELLEHER (verified owner)


  71. Matt Pacifico (verified owner)

    I played my first round with the 101’s two days ago and had my best round in about 5 years. I was striking every iron shot so pure. Keep up the great work, Takomo!

  72. Nigel Nesbitt (verified owner)

    I have had a set of 101’s now for nearly 6 months, 2 months after that I bought the full set of the sky forger wedges, and now I have just got a set of the 20’s as well. I see that there is a driver being tested as well, which I can’t wait to get my hands on.
    I play off of 15, and these clubs have helped me get down from a 20 handicapper in that time.
    Quality, looks and playability make these products simply a pleasure to own.
    It’s nice to see a company that actually give a great product to the masses without paying the pro’s millions of dollars/Pounds to endorse their brand.
    You Tube and social media etc is a better platform to get your target audience to try the product as you get real people using the equipment.
    We all know that even when a company has a player using their clubs, they are set up completely different to what they sell us, we are just used to stars telling us that the product they use is the best…….. er no they just pay you a lot of money to say that and then the consumer ends up paying for it with the cost of the clubs, so carry on Takamo doing what you are doing, more companies should learn from how you are operating…… well done
    Nigel Nesbitt

  73. Ro (verified owner)

    I ordered a set of 101’s in March,shipment was quick,came 7 days after I had placed my order.I have been playing with these clubs since the season opened. These clubs are GREAT! Clubs are lofted stronger,so I had to get used to my new longer yardages, I hit these better than my AP2’s. I also get alot of compliments of how slick they look.I would absolutely recommend these great Irons.

  74. Doug O’Connor

    I purchased these Takomo 101 iron heads when they first came on the market last May 2021. I ordered two sets of heads, one for myself and the other for my golf buddy. I put my Aerotech i80 R flex shafts into the heads. Only regret no Approach or Gap wedge. It took me a while to get used to these beauties but all I can say now is that they have lowered my score by 5 strokes. These irons are every bit as good as the P790s at less than half the price. I at least look like a better golfer now using the 101s compared to my old Callaway Diablo Edge shovels. At 71, I never thought that I was good enough to play these muscle-back, hollow-body irons. I had to change my grips at Golftown over the winter because the club fitter who installed my shafts used a cheap knock-off grip. The GT rep said that the Takomos were very nice-looking irons and forgiving clubs. They are all starting to know about Takomo irons. My golf buddy could not be happier with his set as well.

  75. Jeremy G. (verified owner)

    Bottom line, they are superb irons! 5 weeks with the back order. Played my first round today. I went with the Tour Lite Regular flex shafts and they are perfect for my swing. I play TaylorMade Sim 2 irons, love them. These irons are just as good!!! I was putting together a second set to use at my alternate work location for half of each month. What a bargain! These irons play just like any high dollar Ping or TM I have ever used. Very soft feel, great ball flight, and even better distance. I flew a few greens trying to get used to the distance. Wish you could mix the 201 and 101 for a combo set!

  76. Brad McRae

    Have had my 101s for a couple months now. Wanted to make sure that I didn’t write a review after the first time out with them. New clubs always feel a lot better because of the shiny factor. I will say after more than a few rounds these clubs are holding up and still performing. They do take a bit of time to get to you. Also, not the best at responding to emails, but once someone did respond to me they were on top of it. Great service and great clubs. To be honest after playing them I would pay more than they are asking, they are worth every penny.

  77. P.A. (verified owner)

    These beautiful irons arrived two days earlier than quoted and I am really enjoying them. They are clean and powerful and I was hitting baby fades right off the hop. Very impressed so far! I knew there would be an import tax but all money in, these are an awesome value and they don’t look like value clubs by any means. Thanks Takomo!

  78. Ryder (verified owner)

    I am very Eager to receive these clubs however, Takomo has not been the best on communicating. They emailed me that they couldn’t use my PO Box to ship to. But that wasn’t even the first option. My first address was my physical address yet they are still saying they can’t ship to my PO Box which is fine. I don’t know if we are on the same page now or not. I have not received an email back from them since. I hope the process doesn’t take much time for me to receive the clubs.

  79. Alex

    I ordered heads only (in stock) and received them promptly via DHL. I am having the heads put into True Temper Elevate 95 shafts that I had from some game improvement irons. I have yet to test them on the course, but based on youtube reviews, I expect a solid P790 comparator which I will use a backup or travel set. My only issues are that they don’t sell partial sets (I can’t hit a 4 iron, and will be putting the head for sale on ebay in a few weeks for someone looking for a driving iron or someone with enough speed to hit a forgiving four iron) and they don’t sell a gap wedge head by itself in either the 101 or the Skyforger.

  80. Don Yee

    I received my Irons 101 in approximately 3 months. There was an issue with the shafts I had requested with my custom order. Once I received noticed of the shipment of my clubs it did not take long to arrive. I opened the box and had a really good inspection of each club and they are beautiful. I had the chance to go to the driving range 3 times and they felt smooth, solid and responsive in my hands. I just finished my first round with my new clubs and they really did feel great. You will not be sorry for ordering this set of irons 101. It was worth the money and quite frankly pretty close to my old ping irons I’ve used for 12 years. I can’t wait to play more rounds of golf to really get the feel and distance for each club. I saw a couple negative responses from customers about the company and I would say they were very truthful in time of delivery, etc. The only issue I hope they rectify is to communicate with their customer if there is problem or hang up why there is a delay in the order. Other than that, the irons are great.

  81. GT

    i have played about 8 rounds with these 101’s and they are the better than my Mizuno 921’s that were custom fitted. i am getting about 10 yards more per club and the accuracy is spot on. these are very well made and by far the best value in irons today. my guess is that the value derives from the direct to consume while by passing tariffs method of selling. these are $1,000+ value clubs delivered for about 60% less.

  82. Dennis (verified owner)

    Chose a set of 101’s that were in stock as they were pretty much the spec I was looking for anyway. They arrived in less than 2 weeks. Great looking, well made irons that I’ve played with three times, gaining a clubs distance throughout the set. The 7 iron flys as far as my old mizuno 6 iron and so on. Also chose a wedge which is equally as good. Towel and cap are a nice touch.
    On the downside, packaging could be better; there was a big hole in the box when I got them, with the clubs loose inside. A bit of bubble wrap would probably cure the problem.
    Nevertheless, I strongly recommend them. Any woods in the pipeline?

  83. Denver Robinson

    Ordering from Takomo is purely a Leap of Faith! Yes, it took a little over three months to get them. However, that being said, have faith! The clubs are as good as you hoped they would be. I’ve played three rounds with my new clubs and I can’t get the grin off my face. Imagen hitting an 8 iron on a 140 yd par 3, up hill and directly into a 25 mph wind, and giggling like a kid.
    I’m 77 years old and had quit playing golf for 10 yrs. I’ve been playing with 2008 Big Bertha’s. A good club for their time.
    Most important, the Takomo 101’s are as pretty as any golf club you can buy at any price!

  84. Ray Mattas

    I have only hit my clubs twice since getting them. I followed the custom fitting which was different than my previous fitting. Everything seems great so far. I love the weight of these clubs. Great forgiveness on off center strikes. I only give 4 stars not five because they are not quite as soft feeling as I expected. Feel great with soft golf balls but a little clicky on firmer golf balls. Good thing I play the soft balls. LOL.

  85. Christopher Tucker (verified owner)

    These irons are HOT of the face. I was using a set of Cobra Forged TEC Black. These irons feel every bit as good, with significantly more forgiveness and speed/distance. My only issue is I would have liked to get the KBS Lite shaft but was itching too much to wait for the backorder.

  86. James (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these clubs. Can not beat the price point and shipping came almost a week faster than anticipated!

    Waiting for the weather to improve in my area then finally getting off the mats at the range and into a course where I cant wait to see what I can do with these.

  87. Phil Boswell (verified owner)

    My second set of 101s. First set – KBS Tour 105 stiff – for my 4 hdcp son. Second set – KBS Tour 105 regular for myself. My son absolutely loves his 101’s gaining tons of distance and consistency over his Cleveland forged blades. I am seeing very similar results to my Ping G700 hollow body irons. Again, very long and consistent but at 1/2 the price. I purchased my set of 101’s to eventually replace my Pings as they wear and to have a travel set whenever I fly. (The airlines have not been kind to my golf clubs in the past.) I will have no issue eventually switching to the Takomo irons 100% of the time as they just as good as the big name, ultra-expensive hollow body irons (Ping, TM, etc).

  88. David john ellson (verified owner)

    fabulous to look at, really good to hit , great service ( the hat and towel was a nice touch ). My only complaint was the fact that nowhere was it mentioned about the import duty to be paid .

  89. Brad T (verified owner)

    Purchased the 101 irons about a month ago after much research and consideration between the 101 and 201. Irons arrived less than a week after order and were very well packaged. I am a 4 marker who has been a single figure marker for almost 30years and all I have to say is WOW!!. I used to play Callaway irons and went with the 101’s with the Tour 120 Stiff shafts and could not be happier. Irons are a smaller profile than my Rogue irons and just as forgiving. Perhaps not as long but the dispersion on all strikes is so much tighter than my previous set. They do give feedback on off center strikes, but when stuck out of the center the feel is exceptional. I can only give this final word to any low markers out there thinking of a purchase, don’t read into other reviews online about these being game improvement irons, if you love the look you will not be disappointed if you take the leap. Hat and towel real nice as well. Can’t wait for any new products in the future and will be looking forward to my next purchase.

  90. Homer Formentera (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this product. The looks are amazing. You cannot beat the price. It’s a very forgiving club.

  91. Bao V (verified owner)

    I would like to give a compliment to the 101 iron sets. It’s so good. Everything is good. As an average golfer, I have been struggling to find good iron sets to improve my game. I have to admit that the first reason why I decided to buy the set was because of its elegant appearance. But the result surprised me. I can feel the firmness in every swing, reduce heel/toe hit, and feel like hitting in the middle more. The ball flies better. Overall, 10/10. I have tried many iron sets, even from big brand names, the feeling is not as good as this 101 Irons sets I would say. And thanks for the cap and towel, I was planning to buy new towel actually

  92. Kevin C

    I am a 16 HCP. Got my 101s with the KBS Tour 105 R shaft about 2 weeks ago. I’ve played 3 rounds with them and they have great feel. My distance has increased with these irons (still working on controlling this) compared to my old Cobra irons. Off center hits still go straight and I have not had any issues shaping shots. I can actually control the shaped shots better than my old irons. I can’t wait to start playing more with these irons and dial in my distances. I’m looking forward to lowering my HCP with these irons. I plan to purchase the wedge set in the near future. Overall, I highly recommend these irons for anyone looking for a customizable and forgiving iron set at a great price.

  93. Notsoclutch (verified owner)

    The ball comes off of these clubs singing just about every time. Despite owning some nice Taylormade irons in the past, I think these are the nicest looking irons I’ve ever owned too. I could not be happier with my purchase!

  94. Rob (verified owner)

    Horrible experience with this company. There was an issue with my irons and when I tried to return them, I was told that they were working on getting a US address for me to send back the irons. This went on for over a MONTH!!! Poor communication throughout the whole process – I would NOT recommend purchasing anything from this company.

    • Takomo

      Really sorry for the bad experience. We just got the US warehouse setup. We wanted to wait so that you would avoid the high shipping costs back to HK.

  95. Hugo (verified owner)

    Just played my first round with the 101 irons on Friday. Just wow! I am a “beginner” with about a 20 HCP after about a year of playing. Love the sport and been playing 2+ times per week. Since starting I’ve played the Wlson launchpad irons, then SIM MAX then PXG 0211 DC and now the 101’s.

    – Wilson – great total beginner clubs that are the most forgiving but have really high launch / spin.
    – SIM Max – Loved these. Good medium trajectory and distance was good.
    – PXG 0211 DC – Wanted to love these but felt really dead! Probably the wrong shafts as I got the graphite MMT- not a good combo for these irons. Low launch and good distance but hard to stick a green.
    – 101- Best i’ve played so far with medium / high trajectory but great distance and spin. Love the combo and looking forward to playing more with these.

  96. Wim

    I’m 57 yrs. old and have a WHS 6.9 hcp. Been playing Mizuno MP-60 with Nippon GH950 regular shafts for past 14 years. Due to lost of distance over the years I was looking for more distance and forgiveness. Condidered purchasing hollow body clubs. Stumbled on these Takomo 101. I thought they looked better then most major brand clubs and saw some positive reviews on the internet, so I gave them a try. Have played two round sofar and I can honestly say that I’m so very pleased with this set. When struck wel, they (also) feel like cutting through butter. If wanted, also able to shape the ball just as you would expect with forged irons. The KBS Tour 90 regluar shafts feel fantastic; lower then my previous Nippon GH950 R with short irons and higer flight with long irons. They are not wonder sticks, cause you still have to hit with a good swing to achieve good shots, as with any set of golfclubs. But when you do hit them well, flight on all irons is awsome. Thin hit or out of center shots are not severely punished.
    Delivery wasn’t speedy, but thanks to wonderfull communication with Takomo who were able to explain why, it was allright.
    I would recomment the Takomo 101 to the fast majority of golfers, specially to those who think they are “too good” for game improving irons like these. Trust me, you’re not! The majority are weekend warriors, like me, and will enjoy the beneifits that these clubs offer. I’m absolutey pleased with this set. If you have any questions about the 101, do not hesitate to ask.

  97. Phil

    Got my 101’s with the KBS 105 stiff, a few weeks ago, since it’s winter where I am have only got to try them out on a simulator, but they perform great. I can’t seem to hit anything but a baby draw or a straight ball, so forgiveness is at a premium. Distance, seems to be about the same as my old irons maybe a few yards longer. Looks are great, look as good or better than I thought they would. Can’t wait until spring to get them out on grass. I was fitted for P790’s last year but the numbers I’ve got on Trackman are actually slightly better with these.

  98. Pete C (verified owner)

    I purchased the 101 irons because I wanted to improve my game. I was playing super improvement clubs and wanted better! I ordered the irons and waited. When they came they were beautiful! Well packaged and the hat and towel were a nice touch.
    I have to admit, looks were sexy and all that but I did not hit them well. I was adjusting from a lite graphite shaft and regular flex. Now I am swinging a steal stiff shaft. I had the clubs fitted to me and have played a lot indoors.
    I would love to say that I hit the clubs well instantly but that’s not what happened. But what did happen is with a little work and a great set of clubs within 10 rounds I hit my first ever round under par!! (-1 70) and the next round a 76! I am a 15.1 handicap to start the year, but will be dropping quickly with these clubs in hand! Soft feel, easy to shape, straight hitting and more than a club longer on every hit! Oh, by the way, the wedges are fantastic too! I just added them to my bag!!! More than looking forward to this year of gold in Wisconsin thanks to the Takomo 101’s!!

    Pete C

  99. David McClintock (verified owner)

    Irons are exceptional for the price, the value is truly amazing. Looks, feel, distance, and overall performance are immaculate. Very responsive on strikes, and very forgiving without sacrificing much distance. Went with the 105 Stiff Shaft and they feel phenomenal. Does go about a club up compared to the Mizuno MX100’s I was gaming previously. Hitting 7 iron what I used to hit my 6 ect.

  100. John

    Ordered the Takomo 101 on 5/11/21 and got an email saying that the irons were ready to be shipped 26/12/21 and due to no fault of Takomo, finally got the irons 14/2/22. Irons were made in Shunde, China and due to the shipping backlogs and limits in China, it was shipped to Hong Kong before it was sent out. Amazingly once FedEx got their hands on it, it only took 4 days to reach Australia.
    I am currently gaming the 2019 Taylormade p790 TT DG 120 stiff and I found the Takomo 101 KBS Tour 105 Stiff much better than the p790. The irons are really powerful and has a straight and high ball flight but 1/2- 1 club longer distance than the P790. I found that the 4 and 5 had a really big offset but I was able to get used to it. Overall was quite pleased with this purchase.
    In hindsight though I think I may have been more more suited to the Takomo 201 with KBS C Taper stiff. I found the 101 similar to the TaylorMade SiM irons in terms of the head size, sole width and offset. The 201 would be more comparable with the P790 but that’s the pitfalls of buying something sight unseen.

  101. David T (verified owner)

    Got these clubs a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them. The added distance, forgiveness off miss hits and the look of these irons are everything I could ask for. My order was delayed because of a supply issue but they responded very quickly to my email and were able to modify my order so I could receive the clubs the following week. In conclusion I would highly recommend these clubs to anyone especially at this price.

  102. David (verified owner)

    Got these irons a few weeks ago and Ive been playing them at a simulator as it’s still winter here. They are exactly what I want out of my irons, slightly more distance and the forgiveness off miss hits are confidence inspiring. Not to mention the looks of these irons are incredible. The shipping was delayed as well because of a supply issue but they responded very quickly to emails and were able to modify my order and I received the clubs the following week.
    All in all it’s been a pleasant experience playing with these clubs I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  103. Ian Collins

    Just received and gamed my (leftie) 101 irons for the first time..they’re brilliant.
    Look great..play long and the stopping power on greens is exceptional.
    Took time to deliver but the Takomo guys communicated really well and kept me informed.
    Highly highly recommended
    Order #2963

    Ian Collins

  104. Michael Billings (verified owner)

    Just got my 101’s. Unfortunately still winter here, so no on course review as yet. Just wanted to say the clubs are gorgeous. Well built, love how they present at address. They feel solid and feel heavier than other clubs which for me is confidence inspiring. Order was delayed due to supply chain issues, however Takomo did offer an alternate set of specs to build on had I wanted them to. So I am also pleased with the level of service provided. Can’t wait for the snow to melt or at least get on a simulator before the season starts.

  105. Jared Parsons

    Having taken a 2 year break from golf I decided to spoil myself to some new clubs to celebrate the return back to the game I love. After endless hours of research and online pricing examples I was drawn to the Takomo iron 101. And all I can say is wow! The play and feel like forged irons, great distance control and feel. I’m honestly blown away especially when one considers the price is conservative 50% of the bigger brands. Thanks Takomo for giving us a great iron at a great price!

  106. Zac (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this product is amazing!

  107. Chad (verified owner)

    I’ve have had my 101’s for about a month now. My first impressions were wow these clubs are beautiful in person. I was a little leary about ordering from a fairly new company and overseas at that but I have to say Takomo was great. Communication was good and shipping was faster than I expected. Clubs were wrapped well enough to avoid any shipping damage but not quite the presentation you’d get from buying irons that cost 3 times as much. But they did include a hat and a towel.

    I got mine with the KBS 105 stiff shafts and ball flight is mid-high…a little higher than my previous Ping gamers which are mid. The 101’s are very solid on well struck shots and not clicky at all. Poorly struck shots will penalize you a bit as with any iron…but not quite as bad as my Pings did. Thin shots do still get some pretty good length.

    They hit slightly more than one club longer than my more retro lofted Pings so I have flown a few greens trying to dial them in. They also spin like my Pings did because I get similar green interaction with the 101’s.

    I considered several different direct to consumer clubs and companies before I purchased. I’m not sure there’s another iron out there that can match the looks and performance of the 101’s for the price that Takomo is offering them for. Very happy with my decision.

  108. kevincranie

    Well arrived eventually but not disappointed took them range Friday fantastic went golf club for a lesson Saturday people thought they were blades lol
    coach thought they were a good club but didn’t believe the price a little heavier than my cobras but a good club

  109. Arthur Cooper (verified owner)

    101 Irons these are great clubs I’ve used all the top OEM brands over the years these are up there with all of them
    TXG & James Robinson were right you couldn’t do much better for the price

  110. Hugh

    Waited for 2 month for delivery but it worth it. I was looking for hollow body clubs with a stronger loft than my previous ping I200. These are perfect. As good as any high profile brand. High quality head, shaft and grip. Yardage is consistent I can still shape shots if needed. My pro loved them and couldn’t believe the price.
    Very happy. Note that as with any hollow body the feeling is very soft but doesn’t give as much feedback as a full body.

  111. Col (verified owner)

    These irons are excellent. Got mine a few days ago and have hit a few hundred shots on the simulator. Seriously pure and premium clubs. These are pretty workable for a more forgiving design, but don’t punish mis-hits too terribly. The looks are unreal too. Dude at the simulator was commenting on it saying how clean they look. Definitely the total package club

  112. Todd

    I just purchase the 201 Irons and literally was pulling off the plastic covers on the tee boxes and before each shot. I’ve had several forged clubs before including the Titleist 718 AP2 iron. Loved the accuracy and feel but I’m getting older and the distance wasn’t there for me. These new 201 irons are long maybe a bit to long but the feel and accuracy are unbelievable. I hit the pitching wedge 144 yards. I had to order the wedges to match the irons. Haven’t receive the wedges yet but hoping there a perfect addition to the irons. Will report on them as well. These 201 irons feel amazing with a very forgiving feel with feedback on every shot. I can shape each shot even though I mostly fade shots. Looking to bring in the draw with these guys. I love the look from every angle and they just bring a confidence to every swing when standing over them. It was exactly what I was hoping they would be, great feel with more distance than the standard forged clubs. I even have quality grips and shafts going with the KBS C-Taper 120 stiff. I read many reviews on this shaft and I went with them anyway only to find there amazing. Probably should have went with the C-Taper Light but maybe next round…No regrets!

  113. Charles

    Received them a few weeks back now, impressed with the quality, bonus towel and cap was a nice touch, hoping the wedge set comes out very soon. First hit yesterday, and they were great, cant wait to get my swing back into where it was…….
    Thnx Takomo Golf!!!

  114. Arnold v BH

    Club champion matchplay with these irons, after having them two weeks in my bag.

  115. Odd A Bergset

    Just love the clubs, sound is amazing and they looks great. Make better shots because the feeling of confidence when addressing the ball. At average I need one club less for the same distance as my old Titleist AP1 .

  116. Feridnand Tolentino

    Excellent iron !!!! I hit 150 with 7 iron with this I was hitting.160 with consistency …. big bang for the buck….

  117. Pete.

    The 101s are a brilliant set of clubs. Have nothing bad to say about these irons. All I can say is get a set you will not be dissapointed! Well done Takomo. Wedges out soon and a must for me.

  118. Arto Kiiskinen (verified owner)

    Clubs are very pretty, and incredibly easy to hit. First time I went out I par’d 6 out of 7 first holes (hcp 12) ! I was actually surprised at the ball going exactly where I was aiming. The gapping of the clubs is nice too.

    If there is a downside, it is quite difficult to hit strong slices or hooks, should you need to. The ball only wants to go straight 🙂

    very happy and will spread the word.

  119. fred

    These irons are perfect for me! They look good and I got about one club extra distance compared to my old titleist irons. My miss is usually a thin shot, but these have turned the thinned low shots playable with decent trajectory.

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