The Genesis

A New Era of Light Excellence

The Obsidian graphite shafts were born out of a desire to provide high-quality solutions to golfers worldwide.

We embarked on a journey of creating our own graphite shafts, not just to beat the lead times, but to deliver a product that resonates with our philosophy of quality, durability, and style.

The shaft features a nickel-chrome coating that mirrors the lustrous, black finish of obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass. This stunning, shiny black finish is more than just aesthetically pleasing—it's a symbol of Takomo's relentless pursuit of the perfect harmony between you and the club.

Weight and Flex Options Tailored to Your Game

Crafted for Versatility

In our pursuit of honest performance, we meticulously designed the Obsidian graphite shafts in 75-gram, 95-gram, and 115-gram variants.

Each weight offers different flex options, aligning with our belief in creating more options to best suit the preferences of all.

The 75-gram shaft offers senior and regular flex, the 95-gram shaft is available in regular and stiff flex, and for those seeking a firmer feel, the 115-gram shaft comes in stiff and extra stiff flex.

Launch, Spin, and Tempo

Optimized Performance for Your Unique Swing

The Obsidian promotes a mid launch and mid spin, making it ideal for players who prefer a more controlled trajectory and spin rate.

Our philosophy has always been to design products that grow with you, and the Obsidian is no exception. It's built to help you unlock your potential, no matter where you are on your golfing journey.

Obsidian Specs

.370 parallel tip
Shaft flex Raw weight CPM Torque Butt OD Raw length Kick-point
75 A 72g 285 3 15.2 39.5 Mid
75 R 75g 305 3 15.2 39.5 Mid
95 R 96g 305 2 15.2 39.5 Mid-Low
95 S 98g 325 2 15.2 39.5 Mid-Low
115 S 110g 325 1.6 15.5 39.5 Mid-Low
115 X 111g 345 1.6 15.5 39.5 Mid-Low

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