Takomo 301 CB Scores Big in MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons 2023"

Takomo 301 CB Scores Big in MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons 2023"

Navigating the field of golf equipment is a complex task that requires a delicate balance of precision and an unwavering dedication to quality. Since our inception in 2021, Takomo Golf has been steadily marking our territory in this space, quietly refining our craft and sharpening our skills.

Our commitment to excellence has now received significant recognition. We are humbled to have secured the third position in the revered MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons 2023". Adding to this accomplishment, our Takomo 301 CB irons have been deemed to deliver superior value, earning us the "Best Value" award.

In this article, we will navigate through the process that led to our commendable performance at MyGolfSpy's evaluation, break down the unique features of the Takomo 301 CB Irons, and share insights into their distinctive appeal to discerning golfers. By exploring the factors that differentiate our irons from others and by shedding light on areas where we see opportunities for further growth, we aim to provide a balanced and comprehensive view of our journey thus far.

About MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons 2023"

In a world filled with annual releases of new clubs, each claiming to be the latest and greatest, MyGolfSpy stands as a beacon of unbiased, data-driven testing. New clubs flood the market every year, each promising to be a game-changer. But how does one separate the hype from the true performance?

For over a decade, MyGolfSpy has been fearlessly cutting through marketing pitches, focusing on data-driven analysis to provide accurate and in-depth information about golf equipment. Their "Best Player's Irons" review is a prime example of this commitment, making it a significant yardstick in the golfing world. For "Best Player's Irons 2023", 20 testers shot almost 13,440 shots, hitting 5-irons, 7-irons, and pitching wedges from each participating model. All data was collected using the industry-leading Titleist ProV1 golf balls and ForeSight GCQuad launch monitor, limiting variables and ensuring that results were solely a reflection of the clubs' performance.

By conducting these comprehensive analyses, MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons" guide helps golfers decide which irons can truly elevate their game. The recognition of the Takomo 301 CB irons in this esteemed review is a testament to the thoughtful design and high performance of our clubs.


The overall rankings were a balanced scorecard of accuracy, forgiveness, and distance, each with a different weightage.

Accuracy: The most heavily weighted category, accuracy was measured using a strokes-gained metric.

Forgiveness: Next in line was forgiveness, gauging the consistency of the clubs. This metric measured ball speed consistency, spin consistency, carry consistency, and dispersion area. It's important to note that "consistency" in this context does not always translate to "consistently good." Rather, it's an indicator of how reliable the club is at providing similar results.

Distance: Although distance accounted for the smallest percentage of the overall score in the player’s iron category, it still holds a certain level of importance. The evaluation for this included metrics for both carry distance and total distance.

What are player's irons?

Player's irons are specifically designed with the more accomplished golfer in mind. As a new golfer, one might reach for game-improvement irons like the Takomo 101 irons for the promise of extended distance and forgiveness. But as your handicap lowers, you'll start craving the refined sensation of a sleeker, more responsive iron, thus graduating to player's irons. The seasoned golfer seeks irons that offer the possibility of subtler manipulations, enabling deliberate draw and fade shots, and adjusting the trajectory at will.

This category of irons is the tangible manifestation of the fine balance between accuracy and workability. But it's a balancing act where forgiveness often takes a back seat, placing a higher demand on precision ball striking. The distance they offer is not overbearing but rather nuanced, encouraging the golfer to maintain consistency and control over the shot's length.

A major milestone for Takomo

Our notable third-place finish in the esteemed MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons 2023" is a clear testament to our vision. Not to the echo of the past, but to the promise of the future. Such an achievement isn't a simple feat; it's an audacious statement of intent. It underscores the innovation, precision, and value inherent in the Takomo 301 CB Irons, and it asserts our rightful place in a fiercely competitive landscape.

We also clinched the Best Value award, an affirmation that at Takomo Golf, superior performance doesn't necessitate an extravagant price tag. This award underscores our philosophy: exceptional quality and noteworthy performance should be within the reach of every golfer.

Our debut in MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons 2023" was more than an introduction; it was an opening salvo. In just a short time since our inception, it is safe to say that we are quietly setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Deep dive: Takomo 301 CB

When it comes to crafting golf equipment, we believe that design isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling extraordinary and performing exceptionally. The Takomo 301 CB irons embody this belief, crafted with precision, and powered by meticulous material selection.

Design and materials

S20C steel

Let's start with the chosen material for the club head, S20C. This premium soft carbon steel is revered within the golfing industry, offering exceptional responsiveness and an irresistibly soft connection upon impact. Understanding this property of S20C helps to appreciate its role in enhancing the golfer's sensory feedback by providing a soft and precise sensation that communicates valuable information about the shot to the golfer. Every 301 CB club head is forged from a single billet of S20C steel.

Club head design

The 301 CB club head design carries a carved-out upper body leading to a small cavity back. This subtle hollowing shifts more weight to the edges, granting a touch of additional forgiveness, a feature that becomes particularly useful during less-than-perfect swings.

The 301 CB 7-iron blade length is 71 mm, which is less than average. This isn't just an aesthetic choice; it's a conscious decision geared toward boosting control. By reducing the blade length, we are challenging golfers to hone their face angle and swing path, attributes that ultimately contribute to more consistent and precise shots. The shorter blade length demands precision, favoring those who command control over their face angle and swing path. An off-center hit might cost you some distance and accuracy, but to the discerning player, a consistent face angle and swing path matter the most.

We also wanted to feature a wider sole than normal, which is another design element that brings a functional advantage. It plays a vital role in providing additional stability during the swing. This added stability is crucial in maintaining balance and alignment, leading to more consistent shot execution. Moreover, it also assists in shifting the club's center of gravity lower and further back, which in turn increases the launch angle – a key factor for achieving higher and softer landing shots. 

301 CB sole

Perhaps more importantly, a wider sole is beneficial for golfers with a steeper angle of attack. For these golfers, the wider sole acts as a sort of 'safety net,' reducing the likelihood of the club digging into the turf and decelerating before impact. It helps the club glide or 'skip' more efficiently through the ground, which results in a cleaner, more effective strike. 

We also integrated a pre worn leading edge into the sole, which subtly lessens the effective bounce. The modification of the leading edge proves beneficial in conditions of firm turf. This tweak is particularly effective for less steep swings when playing from hard surfaces. 

However, a wider sole isn't only about forgiveness and stability. It also plays a part in shot shaping. The extra surface area can add a touch more bounce, which is particularly useful in softer conditions or for players who take larger divots. In the right hands, this can open up a wider array of shot possibilities, empowering golfers to adapt and excel in varying course conditions.


Club lofts have become a talking point in modern golf. The standard loft for a 7-iron used to be 34 degrees. However, this standard has changed over time, with some other manufacturers now offering lofts of 29 or 30 degrees on a 7-iron. This trend has been driven by the desire to provide more distance, especially with large cavity back irons aimed at improving a golfer's game.

Lofts play an essential role in determining the trajectory of the ball. A higher loft will produce a higher shot, while a lower loft will yield a lower trajectory. The 7-iron in the Takomo 301 CB maintains the traditional 34-degree loft. The goal is to deliver a shot that sits perfectly in the medium trajectory range. It won't soar too high or skim too low, providing players with a reliable and consistent ball flight. The lofts and other specs for the Takomo 301 CB irons is shown in the table below. 

Takomo 301 CB specs

With the 301 CB irons, we decided to go with the traditional lofts. This was due to the fact that the 301 CB was designed for golfers who prioritize precision and consistency but still enjoy the added forgiveness provided by the cavity-back design. We considered that a higher spin and trajectory would increase control and workability, which was the main goal that we wanted to achieve with the design of this iron model.  

However, trajectory isn't solely the realm of the loft. The role of the shaft shouldn't be underestimated. While the loft presented at impact does influence the launch angle, the path of the club also contributes significantly. The shaft affects this path and consequently plays a more significant role in determining launch and spin than many golfers might assume. Learn more about finding the right shaft for you here.

Takomo 301 CB: performance by the numbers


When it comes to sheer distance, our 301 CB Irons have some ground to cover. In MyGolfSpy's evaluations, they ranked 13th and displayed below-average ball speed. As we earlier mentioned, MyGolfSpy accounts for distance as the smallest percentage of the overall score in the player’s iron category, but it still holds a certain level of importance. The distance metrics were simple: the total distance and carry distance were taken into account when evaluating the performance. Here is the distance matrix for all the iron models that were evaluated in MyGolfSpy’s testing. Takomo’s average distance is marked with a gold-colored dot.

Takomo 301 CB average distance

However, distance is not the sole determinant of a club's merit. Accuracy and forgiveness were weighted more heavily in the reviews, thus playing a more significant role than distance in the player’s iron category. This also aligns with our club head design, as we believe that the player who wants to play the 301 CBs does not need any extra distance. If they needed more distance, our 201 iron model would be a much more suitable option. You can learn more about our 201 model here.


What our Takomo 301 CB Irons might not offer in pure yardage, they make up for with unparalleled accuracy and forgiveness. MyGolfSpy used “strokes gained” as the accuracy metric for the testing scoring. Strokes gained is a straightforward calculation that assesses whether a stroke is superior or inferior to the average, and by what degree, eventually yielding a number that is either positive or negative for that particular shot. When amateur golfers compare their strokes gained to professional players, they are likely to see predominantly negative figures.

Takomo 301 CB accuracy rating

In the testing, the 301 CB secured an impressive third-place finish for accuracy, outpacing several renowned brands, such as the Taylormade P7MC, PING i230, and Cobra King CB. Only the Mizuno JPX 923 and the Srixon ZX7 Mk II were ahead of the 301 CB in this category. The Takomo 301 CBs recorded an average of 9.4 yards from the center. This refers to the distance that a golf shot travels from the center of the fairway. In addition, 89.1% of the shots that were shot from the tee box landed in the fairway.


Forgiveness was another strength, with our 301 CB irons taking a commendable second place. While these aspects may not shine as brightly as raw distance, they are integral to consistent performance on the golf course.

Takomo 301 CB forgiveness ranking

The 301 CBs emerged as strong contenders due to stellar performance in several key areas. With an average carry distance of 181.4 yards, an average ball speed of 122 mph, and an average backspin of 4102.2 rpm, the 301 CBs demonstrated exceptional consistency and accuracy. Moreover, they boasted a tightly confined dispersion, represented by a Shot Area of 906.8 square yards. This measure indicates that 90% of future shots can be expected to land within this ellipse, emphasizing the exceptional control and reliability that the 301 CBs provide to golfers.


The recognition we've received in the form of third place and the Best Value award from MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons" is a true reflection of our commitment to creating exceptional golf clubs. As a newcomer in the industry, we are incredibly proud of the impact our Takomo 301 CB Irons have made.

Our Takomo 301 CB Irons, in their bold debut, showcased their outstanding attributes amidst stiff competition. The irons' exemplary performance, particularly in terms of forgiveness and accuracy, truly sets them apart. This combination of features not only assures consistent shot outcomes but also bolsters player confidence and enhances the enjoyment of the game.

In essence, the Takomo 301 CB Irons are high-performance golf irons that have successfully merged key features that golfers desire. With the balance of excellent forgiveness and remarkable accuracy, they serve as a powerful tool in any golfer's bag. Our achievement in MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons 2023" underscores our dedication to offering top-notch golf irons that don't break the bank.

Experience the difference

Now that you've learned about the remarkable performance of our Takomo 301 CB Irons and our achievement in MyGolfSpy's "Best Player's Irons 2023", it's time to experience the difference yourself.

We usually recommend the 301 CB model to players who hold a low-to-scratch handicap and are looking for a forged feel and workability. Visit our product page to delve deeper into the features of our award-winning irons.

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