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Skyforger Wedges

The 52 and 56 are outstanding! I play a 22 hcp which means I struggle with consistent ball contact. The 52 plays right around 110yds and even on miss hits might lose around 5-7yds which for my game is awesome when my other set was more like 10-20 yds short on similar lies. 56 around the green is a weapon choice for me now and man the control that I have is amazing and confidence-building. This is the first set of clubs that I have bought new. Prior to this, I always bought second-hand, and boy it’s nice to start to see wear patterns on clubs that you know only you made!! The feel, looks, and Price of these wedges are great.

Ok now for the constructive part. I have measured and calculated the swing weight and total weights of the 56 and its dead nuts a D5 at 463 grams. My other wedges are D5.5 and 469 grams but the Skyforger feels heavier and a difference that I have had to adjust. Im not claiming I can tell the difference in .5 of swing weight, but the point is there is a difference in feel in the swing. is this a bad thing? No!! just different. It’s got to be the shaft and balancing or something. The 52 is great and feels solid all around.

I’m over the moon with this purchase. the only question I have is can I send them back to the factory to be re-conditioned? At this rate, I am going to wear these out by this time next year!! I would buy them again if the answer is NO!!


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