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Iron 301 MB

The entire experience has been FANTASTIC! To start, the customer service was outstanding. Quick responses to my question on which set would be best for me (even though I ended up not getting the recommendation). A follow up email ensuring that I correctly order my clubs because I went with the 301 MB instead of the recommended 101s (love that they care about the personal experience that they want there customers to have). Once they were out of back order they were at my door faster than expected. The quality was excellent, exactly what I expected out of the box and even better than the pictures or review videos could ever show. Absolutely brilliant! Even with the clubs not being targeted toward a golfer like me, I don’t think I’m ever going to change these out, the performance is out of this world! As a set that I could grow into as I got better, these clubs are as advertised, workable, feel great, and more geared toward better golfers. That being said, these clubs have actually improved my game as they give me the responsiveness that I was looking for to help me determine why I’m hitting the golf balls how I am. I’ve gone from a 36 handicap down to flipping between 22 to 23 (With clubs not targeted toward my skill level!!) I will be buying more clubs from Takomo in the future as they are so much more than I could have expected!


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