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Iron 301 Combo

Purchased the Combo set a few months ago and love the clean look and solid feel. It’s winter here so only have hit them in my indoor net but really liking the feel so far so hopefully feel is real 🙂
My only complaint is the grip size of the Crossline grips that came pre-installed. They were undersize from typical standard so I removed the Crossline grips to install Golf Pride MCC which to me is much better grip. Now with the .600 grip size and tape the grips spec to standard. When regripping I always remove the previous tape from the shaft but in this case they used some NASTY spray on glue that was a real challenge to remove fully and clean off. I know for mass producing this probably saves time & $$ but man what a pain! I’d prefer not to have any grips installed rather than the sticky gumming spray-on glue they used for these Crossline grips which because of such a thin layer produces an undersize grip. I’d either recommend offering choice of grips and giving option to leave them uninstalled or excluded all together.


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