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Iron 201

This is an update to a 5 star review I provided in September for the 201s. Still think the clubs are good – would probably bring performance rating down to 4 stars because of the tendency for a few hotspots / low spinning flyers higher up the face (although this is probably something you’d find on comparable cavity backs). The reason for my low rating now is that, after bending a 7 iron on a tree root over two months ago (my fault) I have not been able to get a resolution. The initial response to my query was prompt, committed to follow up with supplier, however could not guarantee club replacement in full (assumption was at my expense – no issue with that), could not guarantee supply of individual club head (‘probably’ is not really what you want to hear), and then I have not heard from them since. I followed up over a week ago – radio silence. I assume this review will get a response…. Shame, because this company is doing a lot of good things, but I wouldn’t recommend buying from them. I’ve ended up shelling out for a new set of irons from a major brand. In hindsight, should have done that first time around. Don’t make the same mistake.


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