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Iron 201

I purchased the 201 irons (130 x-stiff c-tap everything standard) on 10/21 and received them on 10/28. So, my hc is +1.5 and I’ve been playing some old irons for too long, it was time to move on to some better irons. After hitting the range and playing a couple times I am BLOWN AWAY by these irons. On the range I tried all sorts of different shots. I was able to work the ball left, right, high (despite low spin low launch shaft) and low with ease. They felt as soft or softer than any club I’ve hit, when I hit it flush it was so soft I had to look down to make sure I hit the ball, lol. Miss hits are pretty forgiving for this type of iron. On the course I had time to hit multiple balls. I hit off the toe, heel, and high on the face. I only lost a few yards in distance, if that, and didn’t see much movement off my target line, distance control and trajectory was great. Now these were miss hits on purpose with good swings, not bad swings. No club is going to help correct a bad swing. I was not expecting to shoot well playing for the first time but I shot a 70 and I was about 15 yards longer with each club. Overall, you can’t beat the quality and price of these irons. The only down side I can think of is that I didn’t get to order some wedges as well, lol. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the wedges and future irons perform just as well. Great job Takomo!


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