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Iron 201

These clubs are without a doubt the best I’ve ever played. Great quality, great costumer service and fast shipping (3 days!).
A very true feel, workable and miss hits give great feedback, while still being fair and forgiving for a forged cavity back iron.
Distance is actually truly incredible without shots bouncing off of the face, leaving very consistent results. You get what you put into them.
Striking these things pure is just.. wow. Just so addictive and rewarding. I just can’t stress enough how much clubs rock!

There is nothing I would love more than to give these clubs a 5 star review, but I just cannot do so. Unfortunately the grips on 4 of the clubs were mis alligned (Lamkin Crossline) and that is just such a shame. I’ve played +10 rounds with them now, hoping that it would be passable, but unfortunately it is not. I’m going to have to re-grip them 🙁

Thank you Takomo for delivering such high quality irons for such a good price. They have improved my game substantially!


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