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Iron 201

I admittedly planned to return my 201 irons. I was going down a different iron path, but in the end I decided to keep the 201s and put them into play.

I chose the right path, and wish I hadn’t second guessed myself. Smooth feeling, good feedback. The shaft/head combo gets the ball in the air in a hurry, and I need help with shot height. The ball lands softly, no extra roll out on greens like I was getting with previous irons. I don’t feel like I have to do anything strange with my swing. Just a natural swing and the ball goes.

My shots go straight, aside from bad swings. If I need to work the ball I’m able to do that a bit, though it’s not my strength. The club heads are just the right size – sleeker than GI, but not scary like blades can be. The clubs straight up perform. They look amazing, and it’s cool to use an iron set not many others have.

I had no issues with ordering and the irons arrived in a timely manner. Takomo customer service was stellar, even through my will I?/won’t I? return process. So glad I kept them.


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