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Iron 201

Just received my 2nd set of 201’s, they are perfect. I didn’t really appreciate the first set enough, such I bought the Srixon ZX4’s, and though they clobber the ball they were just to close to super game improvement for me. I then ordered the Mizuno Pro 225’s and played 18 holes with them before trading them in, as they in no way feel like the solid Mizuno’s I grew up loving. Then I pulled the 201’s back out and gave them another turn, and I realized they feel forged soft and really help me get the ball up (weight is low and back). I then understood, like good wine, irons don’t have to be expensive to be an excellent choice. Regripped both sets with Golf Pride Tour Wrap mid-size grips and I’m ready to roll. For me they are a solid and forgiving iron, with the great feel of being forged. I highly recommend them.


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