Iron 101T
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Iron 101T

589.00 $ USD

The Iron 101T is a players distance iron packed with tech and beautiful looks. This iron blends distance, workability, and style.

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Speed meets forgiveness

Takomo Iron 101T is a hollow body players-distance iron that boasts loads of forgiveness and ample ball speed.

You spoke, we listened. Advanced players loved the original Iron 101, but wanted a shorter blade length with less offset and thinner topline. 

101T is what you’ve been looking for.

Clean looks packed with tech

Takomo Iron 101T shares the sleek looks of its big brother, Iron 101. The blade length is slightly shorter, the topline is thinner and the sole is narrower.

The 101T has a beautifully designed 431 steel body with a hollow body design to promote forgiveness without giving up the distance.

This iron’s hollow-body design makes it extremely forgiving. The thin face is precision-milled for high ball compression and spring effect leading to incredible ball speed, even on mishits.

Who should play the 101T?


A players distance iron


Hollow body design, with classic blade looks

For who?

For an advanced player looking for forgiveness and ball speed

HCP range

From mid to scratch

101T vs 101

Iron 101T specs

The 101T comes with 2 different shaft options from KBS: Tour and Tour Lite. Stock set swing weight is D2.

The stock grip, Lamkin Crossline, is designed for golfers who demand Tour-proven performance with classic looks.

The spec sheet for the takomo iron 101t

Additional information


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33 reviews for Iron 101T

  1. Jose Avina (verified owner)

    Great Irons, quality, price and performance the whole package. Also, these babies are beutiful. Very happy with my irons. They are side by side with any other “premium brand” on the market.

  2. Mark Harrelson

    I have been playing Mizuno irons for 20 years. I am an 8 hcp turning 53 next week. It was time for some help. Wow is all I can say. The 101t irons feel like a forged iron, look like a blade, and play like a game improvement iron. I gained back the club I had lost in distance. I can still work it when I need to but, they like to fly straight. Best of all, on misfits, I only lose half a club instead of 2 clubs. Love them so much I ordered 101s for my 18hcp son in law. Wish I could get commission on the irons all my friends are going to buy from Takomo.

  3. DS (verified owner)

    The irons are beautiful. Stock order arrived in only four days. Only complaint is the grip tape used under the grips. It’s a thin clear glue like substance that cannot be removed easily like standard grip tape. I ordered standard size grips with the intention of switching to the midsize cross lines I normally play so that my order would arrive sooner. No amount of heat or goo gone or scraping could get it to come off cleanly. Tried reusing the tape since theoretically it’s pretty new but no dice. No amount of solvent will allow the new grip to slide on more than half way; pieces of the adhesive breakdown and keep the grip from sliding on. Only solution was to put new quality tape over top of the existing adhesive. Fortunately the clear tape that is used is very thin so it’s barely a midsized +1. I imagine it helps to keep the cost as amazingly low as it is but it’s something that should change down the road for the sake of the club builders/owners working on the clubs down the road. Other than that I’m very satisfied with the purchase. Allows those of us who can’t afford a set of $1500 clubs to swing a high quality good looking set.

  4. Luke

    Love my 101t irons. Shipping took 6 weeks to the day which was fantastic.
    Looks: incredible! I’d agree with all the comments saying they look 100 times better in real life than the photos. Over the ball a nice mix of feeling your playing a players iron mixed with confidence inspiring. As a reference I’d say they are closer to TM 770 than the 790 which many have been saying.
    Playability: I’d say they are surprisingly way more forgiving than I was expecting I’d say even a mid to high handicap player can do well with them. All that said they still have enough workability for shot shaping. I haven’t found any flyers at all. For feel, don’t listen to anyone saying they are clunky or cliquey, they obviously haven’t hit one out of the middle… They do have a very soft feel but hit one out of the toe or thin and you do get enough feedback, which say you don’t get from the cobra forge tech and TM hollow body irons as much. I did go and get a fitting to the specs provided which I’d recommend and in conclusion I’d say if you like the look of the clubs from what you’ve seen online you will love the clubs even better in person.

  5. douglas.sagon

    I ordered my clubs and 2 wedges…52 & 60 mid December and I received my 101T’s 2/13/23, so 8 weeks order time. I previously played an old set of Ping G10’s, 1 in over, med grip, and white dot. I ordered 1 in over, 3 upright, KBS regular, and med grip. I play to about a 10 handicap level. This is my first new set in a long time. I couldn’t see paying a ton of money for the big brands. I’m extremely happy with the look of the clubs. The heads are smaller than what I’ve been used to, but they look great at address.
    The G10’s have a wide sole and help with getting through turf. The 101T’s have less sole, so I was curious about turf interaction, but hitting on them on the range for 3 days I was pleasantly surprised and found them easy to hit. The clubs feel great, sound great, and look great. I consider myself a good ball striker and I like the less offset of the clubs too. I can’t wait to get them on the course and see how I play with them. For the money, I don’t think you can beat them. Thanks Takomo for making some great irons.


  6. Patrik S (verified owner)

    Just picked up my new 101T today. And they looks amazing! Even better in real then the pictures.

    Took them to the range and WOW! Have playes tatlormade p790 before, and wanted to test sometging totaly new. Went for the Takomos 101T and loved then from the first strike.

    Behinde the ball they looks amazing, and they preform even better. Easy to launch, very forgiving and has the perfect feel i surched for.

    The thing that impressed me the most was how concictent they are, even one bad shots they preform really well, and the gapping between the clubs suits me vert good.

    I took a chance with Takomo, and thats the best decision i ever made!

    Looking forward to see their woods, because they gone end up i my bag after this preformance on the 101T

    I play on hcp 11

  7. omacode

    I recently purchased a set of 101T irons. The direct-to-consumer business model meant it was not possible to test the clubs in person. My decision to go ahead was based on information from Takomo’s own website, as well as performance reviews from a few authoritative sources, notably, a well known club fitter in my part of the world.

    A casual internet search will turn up numerous other commentaries on the full range of Takomo clubs. As I recall, all were positive, often extremely so. Rather than replicate what’s readily available elsewhere, I’ll simply describe my own experience.

    First, while the images online are enticing, they can’t completely capture what, to my eye at least, is an absolute gem of industrial design. The badging is discreet, while the elegantly minimalist, traditionally compact, slightly offset head perfectly frames the ball. If you grew up with musclebacks, you might appreciate how that helps. In general, the right look at address inspires confidence, which is why aesthetics do matter.

    Swing feel is a highly individual thing. At my relatively advanced age, speed tends to be reduced, which is why I opted for the KBS Tour Lite shaft, stiff flex. I found the weighting and balance pretty much ideal, with the change of direction delivering a well controlled motion, smoother and faster than I would have expected.

    That’s my story. Take from it what you will.

  8. Doug Shepherd

    I bought the 201 s Jan 2022. Love the iron and feel and looks excellent. Having owned over 50 sets of mainly forged irons since 1975 of all major OEMs I have a pretty good reference point. Anyway I keep my 201s at home and use at local range while my “gamers” stay at CC. I would be willing to trade my 201s for thier 101 T set. Because the 101 T more closely resemble my hollow body Titliest T 200. My 201 are mint at worst having seen a few rounds and as mentioned taken to local range occasionally. Set is 4-p,C- Taper Lite (which now is an upcharge shaft I believe),standard LLL.

  9. David Zhao

    Just received my new 101Ts and I must say, after the first couple of rounds, they are insanely good! I had the Tour Lite shaft with Mid Grip and 3 degrees up, I wasn’t expecting to receive it until probably Feb but they arrived last week. I’ve been on the range just about everyday with these. Huge upgrade from my M5 Irons. When I strike these well, it’s like slicing through melted butter.

  10. Hans N (verified owner)

    The Takomo 101T are great clubs for a large group of golfers (From handicap 5 till 18).
    I (handicap 9.0) played with the Ping 210 before, but the Takomo 101T surpasses the Ping 210 on all counts. More distance (half club more) more forgiven, better sound and a much tighter shaped clubhead.
    The service and delivery is good, easy mail communication and the delivery was within 7 days to Spain.

  11. mledgar (verified owner)

    Replaced my P760’s with the 101T model. I was hesitant about playing hollow body clubs because I’ve always played forged. These clubs feel like a forged iron. Look great and hit the same. Easiest to hit 4 iron I have ever used. If only you would make a 3 iron, hint, I would definitely buy one.

  12. John C (verified owner)

    The 101T is Awesome!
    The quality and performance are very true as advertised!
    All the irons and the 60 deg wedge are so easy to hit. From a heavy and Stiff shaft user, I Ordered KBS tour regular this time due to age : ), and the accuracy is still there and the distance per club is consistent.
    First time I used it few days ago for 2 days straight @ Els Desaru ocean course, and on the second day I scored 78 @ silver tee box. Used mostly mid and long irons and I can hit the greens with ease… very smooth to swing!

    …still waiting for 52 and 56 degrees wedges to arrive. its sad that it wont make it to Pro-Am tourney tomorrow.

  13. Alex

    Extreme good looking irons and extreme looking shots you shoot with these. Sounds amazing and feels amazing (majority of times even though I’m a 25 hcpper!) Very greatful to have chosen takomo!!

  14. Austin B.

    Not a lot to say about these irons except for the fact is they are some of the best feeling and exceptionally forgiving irons. For the price you pay they literally can’t be beat! Highly recommend!

  15. Jeffrey Skinner (verified owner)

    The look, the feel….Great clubs! These clubs have to be compared to all the big six iron offerings. Save a grand and try these!

  16. Tim

    Great irons. Only went with the heads and built my dream set with KBS TGIs. Love the forgiveness and distance and the look of the heads both at the ball and in the bag. They are going longer with tighter dispersion. Couldn’t be happier.

  17. Hartmut Bischoff (verified owner)

    I ordered the 101T clubs with KBS Lite shaft on 21 November 2022 and received them in Germany on 28 November 2022. That’s excellent. I took the clubs to the range and even with cold temperatures (around 0 degrees/32F) they feel good and perform very good. Shot shaping no problem and I played 9 holes in this temperatures and they performed excellent. Good feeling for a non forged iron and I see no need to pay the extra money with OEM Brands. Invest the saving in an upgrade of the shaft if you go and order the heads only. I will reshaft one club with Aerotech Steelfiber and go from there.
    This is a club I can highly recommend and my eyes catches the 301 combo set because I still have a set of Aerotech Steelfiber Black Label shafts.
    The club would be more beautiful if they could cover the screw like in the Fujimoto MB-X but this is just a minor issue.

  18. bguitrons

    I order my clubs in September and it’s already December and I don’t have my clubs. There customer service team is awful and they always answer with the same response.

    They told me that they change there delivery for orders out of nowhere and it’s been a terrible experience with takomo.

    Hope someone from takomo cares about the actual customers and not golf experts reviews.

    • Niklas

      Hey there!

      We’re sorry for the delay with your order and any frustration that it may have caused. We know that good customer service is important, and we apologize if our team didn’t meet your expectations.

      We’ve recently faced some issues with our delivery process that may have affected your order. I noticed your order is a custom order, and they always take a lot longer than stock orders. We have seen an unimagenable amount of custom orders which has caused a bottleneck in fulfilling these orders. Our production line is still fairly small, so we can assemble only a certain amount of custom sets per day. We’re working hard to fix these issues and get your order to you as soon as possible.

      Please know that we really appreciate your feedback and take it seriously. We’re committed to improving the customer experience, and your comments will help us do that.

      Thanks for reaching out, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you better in the future.

      Best regards,
      Team Takomo

  19. craig.ororke

    Got the 101T heads and coupled them with Rifle 5.5 shafts. Excellent results, about 1/2 a club longer than my 716 AP2’s. This has allowed me to ditch a 3 iron and add an extra wedge in the bag.
    Definitely no issues using these clubs as a +2 handicap, very workable with a nice buttery feel!

  20. Doug Dennis (verified owner)

    The 101ts are phenomenal . They look just like a a blade but have added forgiveness that my previous irons didn’t offer . I am playing off a 6 handicap and couldn’t be happier with these irons . They are workable , they are long and they feel phenomenal . Recommend buying if your curious

  21. P

    They made me pay an extra $50 a week after I bought the clubs, with a receipt and all paid for because of an “error” on their end, they didn’t want to hear from me and just gave me a link to send them extra money, simply saying without it they would cancel the order, I shoulda went with second hand Cobras, they weren’t worth the hassle.

    • Niklas

      Hey P!

      We had some issues with our website, which resulted in some orders receiving free shipping by mistake. This problem has been resolved by our experts. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Shipping costs have skyrocketed in recent months, so we are unable to offer free shipping at our current prices.

      Hopefully, you can appreciate the gravity of the situation. We will try to improve our wording in these emails. We always strive to be as open as possible.

      – Niklas & Ville / Takomo

  22. Haydn Smith (verified owner)

    I was sold on the looks! As a mid handicapper (15) I was a bit apprehensive, but I need not have worried. A couple of sessions at the range and these feel fantastic – I’m even hitting a 4 iron again and liking it! Service was fantastic too – only 8 days from placing the order to them arriving on my doorstep. I love these clubs already.

  23. Tim

    Been playing my 101T for a couple weeks now and love them. Love the flight I get , the feel is incredible and they have replaced my Mizuno HMBs.
    Highly recommended, and can’t beat the value.

  24. Philippe blanchard (verified owner)

    Receive the clubs yesterday, very quickly, send on Monday. Great communication with the team, play this morning a competition with the new clubs, front none par and back nine +3 , so very good results ( I am a 8 handicap)
    Very easy to play. Thanks

  25. Matt

    Recently received my Takomo 101T irons.

    Looks wise they have nailed what they set out to do. As compact as any players iron, but as good or if not better looking then the vast majority (typical Nordic beauty…). There is no reason why the shouldn’t be discussed in the same sentence as the big 6 when looking for your next irons.

    For me the ball flight and control has been the most impressive. Whether that is down to the assistance from the Team at Takomo or the player, you decide. I play in Ireland and so far whether playing links/parkland the irons hold their own. From a safe option off the tee in the windy conditions or navigating trees I nearly feel lucky with them in hand.

    Will be interested to see how they fare if included in the Hot List, Most Wanted reviews but in my opinion, believe the hype.

  26. Dennis Jones (verified owner)

    I received these irons about 3 weeks ago, one of the first sets delivered I believe. I prefer the smaller blades, always have, and these fit the bill for me. Good distance and feel. I know immediately the quality of the strike with good feedback. I will definitely recommend these clubs to anyone. I am a senior playing to a 3 handicap and I give up nothing to my playing partners.

  27. Michael gnoh (verified owner)

    Just received my 101Ts and they looked gorgeous & clean… I’m off 7 hcp and had gamed a couple of hollow body sets like the P790 & currently the Pro225. Hit a couple of shots at the range and felt them as forgiving as the P790 minus the clicky sound of the hollow body.. definitely more forgiving than the Pro225. . looks & size wise, similar to the P770 but sexier with a slightly slimmer top line.. Shots feels hot on impact and distance losses on toe and heel strikes are not as apparent as the the pro225. For the price, it is definitely a value for money product. Well done Takomo!!!

  28. Eoin Funnell (verified owner)

    Honestly love these clubs! They arrived really quickly, were well-packed, and came with a free towel and hat which was lovely!
    The clubs, with stiff KBS Tour shafts, and Lamkin grips, are beautiful to look at, very forgiving for how sleek and sexy they look, and the lofts not being too jacked is brilliant, considering they still go as far as my previous set.
    I’ve loved playing with these clubs thus far, and for a price as cheap as this (compared to other clubs on the market), it is an absolute no-brainer to get these 101t irons, and I’m sure they are only going to increase in popularity from here!

  29. Alex Fingerhut (verified owner)

    I have had these for a few days now and have to say, I was hoping for more. They are so close, but the sound and feel really lets them down for me. Its also a little too soon to say, but I’m not getting the consistency and forgiveness I hoped for in going with a hollow body design.

    Profile/Shape – 10/10
    – Nice compact profile
    – Medium/Thin topline
    – Minimal offset

    Looks – 9/10
    – Beautiful sleek muscleback styling
    – Simple classy badging/numbering
    – Face finish is a bit reflective for my taste

    Distance – 7/10
    – Yardages are good – not crazy long
    – I do get the odd one that will go 15 yards long or short for no obvious reason. That could be more indian than arrow, but I would say its more noticeable than my last set

    Forgiveness – 5/10
    – I find it very hard to get consistent results with this set
    – Yardages seem to jump quite a bit despite pretty stable direction, spin and launch. I see a lot of fluctuation in smash factor, which is probably the biggest thing I would have hoped for hollow body to help with.

    Feel/Sound – 4/10
    – The clubs have a very harsh sound to them, which in turn makes the feel more harsh than it probably is. Especially on partial shots when the impact isn’t as loud. Most other hollow body clubs have some kind of filler in the head to counteract this. Not sure why Takomo would have neglected this. I can’t imagine it would have cost much and would probably take the clubs to another level

    Value – 5/10
    These are beautiful, well made clubs that look great in the bag. But given how they feel and perform, they may end up on the shelf and me out another $1,000+ to buy what I was too cheap to buy the first time. So from that stand point, it’s not money well spent for me. I guess that’s the risk you take buying a direct to consumer brand, but I would not do it again, for sure.

  30. Ralf (verified owner)

    wow – I’ve been playing with my new clubs for 2 weeks now and I love them. Ordering and delivery went absolutely smoothly.
    The first rounds on the golf course were a revelation. I (HCP 15) hit the balls – effortlessly – about 10 meters further with great consistency! I can recommend the rackets without reservation.

  31. Alexander Nilsson (verified owner)

    There’s a lot to say about these irons.
    Got them, took them to the range and then played 36 holes. They are beautiful to look at, great feel and also giving a good amount of feedback. (Even though the ball travels far with the forgiveness). Possibly found you guys some new customers aswell!

    Super happy and pleased with everything!
    (I’m off 8 hcp, for anyone wondering)

  32. Colin Dietrich (verified owner)

    These irons are awesome!! And tough to beat that price.

    I always told myself I would never get anything other than Mizuno irons but these changes it for me. They feel great and I’m getting incredible distance.

  33. jrautava (verified owner)

    Just got my new clubs. I obviously had to go and test them immediately at the range. The feel is really good and it was almost impossible to hit a bad shot with these. They were really forgiving yet it was quite easy to shape shots when I wanted to. Would buy them again 5/5 times.

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