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Iron 101T

I have had these for a few days now and have to say, I was hoping for more. They are so close, but the sound and feel really lets them down for me. Its also a little too soon to say, but I’m not getting the consistency and forgiveness I hoped for in going with a hollow body design.

Profile/Shape – 10/10
– Nice compact profile
– Medium/Thin topline
– Minimal offset

Looks – 9/10
– Beautiful sleek muscleback styling
– Simple classy badging/numbering
– Face finish is a bit reflective for my taste

Distance – 7/10
– Yardages are good – not crazy long
– I do get the odd one that will go 15 yards long or short for no obvious reason. That could be more indian than arrow, but I would say its more noticeable than my last set

Forgiveness – 5/10
– I find it very hard to get consistent results with this set
– Yardages seem to jump quite a bit despite pretty stable direction, spin and launch. I see a lot of fluctuation in smash factor, which is probably the biggest thing I would have hoped for hollow body to help with.

Feel/Sound – 4/10
– The clubs have a very harsh sound to them, which in turn makes the feel more harsh than it probably is. Especially on partial shots when the impact isn’t as loud. Most other hollow body clubs have some kind of filler in the head to counteract this. Not sure why Takomo would have neglected this. I can’t imagine it would have cost much and would probably take the clubs to another level

Value – 5/10
These are beautiful, well made clubs that look great in the bag. But given how they feel and perform, they may end up on the shelf and me out another $1,000+ to buy what I was too cheap to buy the first time. So from that stand point, it’s not money well spent for me. I guess that’s the risk you take buying a direct to consumer brand, but I would not do it again, for sure.


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