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Iron 101T

Love my 101t irons. Shipping took 6 weeks to the day which was fantastic.
Looks: incredible! I’d agree with all the comments saying they look 100 times better in real life than the photos. Over the ball a nice mix of feeling your playing a players iron mixed with confidence inspiring. As a reference I’d say they are closer to TM 770 than the 790 which many have been saying.
Playability: I’d say they are surprisingly way more forgiving than I was expecting I’d say even a mid to high handicap player can do well with them. All that said they still have enough workability for shot shaping. I haven’t found any flyers at all. For feel, don’t listen to anyone saying they are clunky or cliquey, they obviously haven’t hit one out of the middle… They do have a very soft feel but hit one out of the toe or thin and you do get enough feedback, which say you don’t get from the cobra forge tech and TM hollow body irons as much. I did go and get a fitting to the specs provided which I’d recommend and in conclusion I’d say if you like the look of the clubs from what you’ve seen online you will love the clubs even better in person.


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