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Iron 101T

The irons are beautiful. Stock order arrived in only four days. Only complaint is the grip tape used under the grips. It’s a thin clear glue like substance that cannot be removed easily like standard grip tape. I ordered standard size grips with the intention of switching to the midsize cross lines I normally play so that my order would arrive sooner. No amount of heat or goo gone or scraping could get it to come off cleanly. Tried reusing the tape since theoretically it’s pretty new but no dice. No amount of solvent will allow the new grip to slide on more than half way; pieces of the adhesive breakdown and keep the grip from sliding on. Only solution was to put new quality tape over top of the existing adhesive. Fortunately the clear tape that is used is very thin so it’s barely a midsized +1. I imagine it helps to keep the cost as amazingly low as it is but it’s something that should change down the road for the sake of the club builders/owners working on the clubs down the road. Other than that I’m very satisfied with the purchase. Allows those of us who can’t afford a set of $1500 clubs to swing a high quality good looking set.


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