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Iron 101T

I ordered my clubs and 2 wedges…52 & 60 mid December and I received my 101T’s 2/13/23, so 8 weeks order time. I previously played an old set of Ping G10’s, 1 in over, med grip, and white dot. I ordered 1 in over, 3 upright, KBS regular, and med grip. I play to about a 10 handicap level. This is my first new set in a long time. I couldn’t see paying a ton of money for the big brands. I’m extremely happy with the look of the clubs. The heads are smaller than what I’ve been used to, but they look great at address.
The G10’s have a wide sole and help with getting through turf. The 101T’s have less sole, so I was curious about turf interaction, but hitting on them on the range for 3 days I was pleasantly surprised and found them easy to hit. The clubs feel great, sound great, and look great. I consider myself a good ball striker and I like the less offset of the clubs too. I can’t wait to get them on the course and see how I play with them. For the money, I don’t think you can beat them. Thanks Takomo for making some great irons.



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