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Iron 101T

I recently purchased a set of 101T irons. The direct-to-consumer business model meant it was not possible to test the clubs in person. My decision to go ahead was based on information from Takomo’s own website, as well as performance reviews from a few authoritative sources, notably, a well known club fitter in my part of the world.

A casual internet search will turn up numerous other commentaries on the full range of Takomo clubs. As I recall, all were positive, often extremely so. Rather than replicate what’s readily available elsewhere, I’ll simply describe my own experience.

First, while the images online are enticing, they can’t completely capture what, to my eye at least, is an absolute gem of industrial design. The badging is discreet, while the elegantly minimalist, traditionally compact, slightly offset head perfectly frames the ball. If you grew up with musclebacks, you might appreciate how that helps. In general, the right look at address inspires confidence, which is why aesthetics do matter.

Swing feel is a highly individual thing. At my relatively advanced age, speed tends to be reduced, which is why I opted for the KBS Tour Lite shaft, stiff flex. I found the weighting and balance pretty much ideal, with the change of direction delivering a well controlled motion, smoother and faster than I would have expected.

That’s my story. Take from it what you will.


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