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Iron 101

Ordered these clubs on the 10th November and they arrived on the 3rd January. I live in the UK. They told me they could take up to 8 weeks so can’t complain. Unboxing the club’s was amazing. They are absolutely stunning and they came with a hat and towel which is a nice touch. As soon as I unboxed them I was straight up the range. They will take a bit of time to get used to but I seen glimpses of what these clubs can do! I currently play off 15 but with these now in the bag I feel I can get low this year!

I ordered the customised 101s with a tour stiff shaft. I used to hit a fade but now I’m hitting a baby draw which is nice to see. I was carrying this PW 155 yards which is unheard of for me. Normally that’s my 8iron!

Very happy with the club’s and I look forward to testing them out on a course this weekend 👍


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