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Iron 101

The Takomo product and service is outstanding.
Very helpful customer service and responses are received with little wait time.
The unboxing of my new 101’s was highly anticipated, which I received within two weeks of ordering. Takomo takes pride in their product, which you get to experience even when unwrapping each club!
I’ve only had two range sessions along with playing a quick 9 with my new clubs, but I have to say they deliver. The extra distance is real! Another plus is the sound. Normally a cast iron sounds “ clicky” almost like a miss hit, not the case with the 101’s. They have a soft feel and sound, I was very surprised. If you are use to a player’s iron, the top line at address for the 101’s takes a little getting use to, but not bad at all. Lastly, the only thing I have changed within one week is the stock grips. The Lamkin grips are very nice, I just needed a larger mid-size grip instead of the standard grip they came with. Very pleased with the product, can’t wait to see what’s next from Takomo!


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