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Iron 101

I have had a set of 101’s now for nearly 6 months, 2 months after that I bought the full set of the sky forger wedges, and now I have just got a set of the 20’s as well. I see that there is a driver being tested as well, which I can’t wait to get my hands on.
I play off of 15, and these clubs have helped me get down from a 20 handicapper in that time.
Quality, looks and playability make these products simply a pleasure to own.
It’s nice to see a company that actually give a great product to the masses without paying the pro’s millions of dollars/Pounds to endorse their brand.
You Tube and social media etc is a better platform to get your target audience to try the product as you get real people using the equipment.
We all know that even when a company has a player using their clubs, they are set up completely different to what they sell us, we are just used to stars telling us that the product they use is the best…….. er no they just pay you a lot of money to say that and then the consumer ends up paying for it with the cost of the clubs, so carry on Takamo doing what you are doing, more companies should learn from how you are operating…… well done
Nigel Nesbitt


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