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Iron 101

I purchased these Takomo 101 iron heads when they first came on the market last May 2021. I ordered two sets of heads, one for myself and the other for my golf buddy. I put my Aerotech i80 R flex shafts into the heads. Only regret no Approach or Gap wedge. It took me a while to get used to these beauties but all I can say now is that they have lowered my score by 5 strokes. These irons are every bit as good as the P790s at less than half the price. I at least look like a better golfer now using the 101s compared to my old Callaway Diablo Edge shovels. At 71, I never thought that I was good enough to play these muscle-back, hollow-body irons. I had to change my grips at Golftown over the winter because the club fitter who installed my shafts used a cheap knock-off grip. The GT rep said that the Takomos were very nice-looking irons and forgiving clubs. They are all starting to know about Takomo irons. My golf buddy could not be happier with his set as well.


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