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Iron 101

I received my Irons 101 in approximately 3 months. There was an issue with the shafts I had requested with my custom order. Once I received noticed of the shipment of my clubs it did not take long to arrive. I opened the box and had a really good inspection of each club and they are beautiful. I had the chance to go to the driving range 3 times and they felt smooth, solid and responsive in my hands. I just finished my first round with my new clubs and they really did feel great. You will not be sorry for ordering this set of irons 101. It was worth the money and quite frankly pretty close to my old ping irons I’ve used for 12 years. I can’t wait to play more rounds of golf to really get the feel and distance for each club. I saw a couple negative responses from customers about the company and I would say they were very truthful in time of delivery, etc. The only issue I hope they rectify is to communicate with their customer if there is problem or hang up why there is a delay in the order. Other than that, the irons are great.


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