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Iron 101

Just played my first round with the 101 irons on Friday. Just wow! I am a “beginner” with about a 20 HCP after about a year of playing. Love the sport and been playing 2+ times per week. Since starting I’ve played the Wlson launchpad irons, then SIM MAX then PXG 0211 DC and now the 101’s.

– Wilson – great total beginner clubs that are the most forgiving but have really high launch / spin.
– SIM Max – Loved these. Good medium trajectory and distance was good.
– PXG 0211 DC – Wanted to love these but felt really dead! Probably the wrong shafts as I got the graphite MMT- not a good combo for these irons. Low launch and good distance but hard to stick a green.
– 101- Best i’ve played so far with medium / high trajectory but great distance and spin. Love the combo and looking forward to playing more with these.


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