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Iron 101

I’m 57 yrs. old and have a WHS 6.9 hcp. Been playing Mizuno MP-60 with Nippon GH950 regular shafts for past 14 years. Due to lost of distance over the years I was looking for more distance and forgiveness. Condidered purchasing hollow body clubs. Stumbled on these Takomo 101. I thought they looked better then most major brand clubs and saw some positive reviews on the internet, so I gave them a try. Have played two round sofar and I can honestly say that I’m so very pleased with this set. When struck wel, they (also) feel like cutting through butter. If wanted, also able to shape the ball just as you would expect with forged irons. The KBS Tour 90 regluar shafts feel fantastic; lower then my previous Nippon GH950 R with short irons and higer flight with long irons. They are not wonder sticks, cause you still have to hit with a good swing to achieve good shots, as with any set of golfclubs. But when you do hit them well, flight on all irons is awsome. Thin hit or out of center shots are not severely punished.
Delivery wasn’t speedy, but thanks to wonderfull communication with Takomo who were able to explain why, it was allright.
I would recomment the Takomo 101 to the fast majority of golfers, specially to those who think they are “too good” for game improving irons like these. Trust me, you’re not! The majority are weekend warriors, like me, and will enjoy the beneifits that these clubs offer. I’m absolutey pleased with this set. If you have any questions about the 101, do not hesitate to ask.


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