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Iron 101

I don’t often leave reviews for anything, such as travel or purchases. However, I felt compelled to leave this review to support Takomo. I had been looking for new clubs for a few months and came across Takomo 101s through the TXG Review. Although a 6.4 handicapper, I am not the purest ball-striker in the world, so was looking for something a bit more forgiving.

Having watched the reviews, I liaised with customer services who were super-helpful in helping me choose between 101s, 101Ts and 201s; I took what I thought was a bit of a punt and ordered. I knew my specs from a fitting, so being able to order the right shaft type and length was great. I was fully expecting to have to wait 8-12 weeks for delivery to the UK, however to my delight, they arrived yesterday in just under 6 weeks. (the cap and towel is a great extra touch).

I went straight to the driving range and was just blown away by how nice they were. I had 15+ yards on my previous distances and they were smooth and easy to hit. They look incredible; a guy in the bay next to me even commented and asked what clubs they were!

For those of you on the fence, just take the leap and you will not be disappointed. I went for a fitting for Mizunos at £1200 and these feel no less better for a third of the price.

I can’t wait for the custom wedges, utility irons etc!


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