Iron 301 Combo
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Iron 301 Combo

649.00 € EUR

The Iron 301 Combo is a combo set of 301CB and 301MB.

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Takomo golf 301CB topline

The best of both worlds

The Takomo 301 Combo set includes P to 8 in the 301 MB irons and 7 to 4 in the 301 CB irons.

This combo set is designed for the golfer who wants to be able to shape approach shots with pinpoint accuracy while being able to reliably reach out and touch greens from longer distances.

Your game played your way

The Takomo Iron 301 combo set mixes 301 MBs in the shorter clubs with the CBs in the longer clubs.

Where the MBs are a traditional muscleback blade design that promotes unparalleled workability, the CBs provide a forged feel with a touch more forgiveness without compromising that sleek bladed aesthetic.

This combo set allows golfers to hit their targets reliably from longer range, with the added forgiveness of the CBs, while supporting shot-shaping and pinpoint accuracy from closer range, thanks to the MBs.

Who should play the 301 Combo set?


A players muscle back (p, 9, 8) and players cavity back (7, 6, 5, 4)


Both irons are a one-piece design forged from soft S20C steel. MB is muscleback, blade design. CB is cavity back design

For who?

For the advanced player looking for forged feel and forgiveness from long range and workability and accuracy from short range

HCP range

Low to scratch

The 301 CB & MB explained

Iron 301 Combo Specs

The 301 combo set comes with the legendary, tour proven KBS Tour shaft.

The stock grip, Lamkin Crossline, is designed for golfers who demand Tour-proven performance with classic looks.

The spec sheet for the takomo iron 301

Additional information


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10 reviews for Iron 301 Combo

  1. David (verified owner)

    I just received my combo set of 301’s, feeling ecstatic! Previously played Mizuno Pro 223 but wanted to try these and I am now convinced of keeping these clubs in the bag.

    These clubs are simply amazing, thanks Takomo and keep up the good work. Loved the cap and towel that went with the clubs, great touch.

  2. Antti (verified owner)

    Been playing the combo 301 set for a month now, and I love it. I got fitted for the major brands first, which of the best fit for me was Wilson staff model cb (also tested p770, t100 and apex pro), but I was not convinced. Took the 301 combo set for a spin at a local Trackman place in Finland and found out the 301 combo was a perfect fit. Would have liked a jumbo grip option, but I’m used to be having to regrip it. Oh and the wedges perform great also!

  3. Jadan Lancaster (verified owner)

    Just received my new Takomo set and all I can say is if you are looking for new irons at an affordable price, these are the ones! The cavity back feels like a good forged iron but those muscle back are amazing! They are the best feeling clubs I’ve ever hit. I would have definitely bought a full set of the MBs if I could go back in time.

  4. François (verified owner)

    One month into playing the iron 301 combo, I’m very happy with them. The lofts are fine so I don’t have to re-build my whole bag, the feel when hit off the center (and even a bit towards the heel) is great, maybe a bit firmer than on my previous Endo forged Bridgestone, but nothing major. The forgiveness is not massive towards the toe, but that’s not really what we can expect from blades or shallow cavities. The balance is very good, the shipping was rather fast, even if I bought them on Christmas. The only limited downside is the grips, as the only way to get midsize grips would have been to get “custom”, with much extended lead time. Not a big deal, I’ll change them in a few months and can perfectly live with a one size too small grip!

  5. Fahed (verified owner)

    If you are searching for new irons….just do this! These clubs are so good, the feel is incredible and for the price you really can’t find anything comparable. I went with the combo set with x shafts and even added 3 skyforger wedges for less than a decent set of irons might cost. Also these guys are classy with the customer service. My only ask would be if they could make a 3 iron. Keep it up Takomo you make great quality golf clubs.

  6. Hardy

    I ordered the 301 Combo Set (heads only) and build them with an Apollo Phantom Steel shaft (6 iron) and Aerotech Steelfiber i80 shaft (7 iron) together to see what would match better for me. Both shafts are working fine and the Apollo can be fine tuned be tip trim and used Tile profiles for dampening/ shock absorption, much cheaper and does the job. I will go with the Steelfiber because I play them in my other set.
    The irons are fun to play and a beauty too. If you are in doubt than go with the 201’s but I like the style and traditional lofts. Nice forged feel and workable and looking at the price, all said.
    Only minor issue is if you order the set with shafts and grips, that the tape they use is a pain in the b… to remove. Finally break cleaner did the job. It would be a great option to order without grips or grips not installed.

  7. Raymond Kruiver

    After watching Erik Anders Lang(Random Golf Club) play with his Takoma irons, I was triggered to do more research about this brand. After viewing many reviews at Youtube and the possitive feedback, I ordered the 301 Combo set. I just received the box with my new irons and it felt like unpacking a Christmass gift. Unpacked seven stunnig irons, a cap and a towel and directly went off to the drivingrange to experience these beauties. The blades feel like cutting trough butter and the CB’s are amazingly easy to hit and they all feel so smooth! They look aboslutely stunning and the feel is great!! So if you’re looking for a high quality set of irons which are very affortable then Takoma is the place to be….!

  8. Jeff (verified owner)

    Purchased the Combo set a few months ago and love the clean look and solid feel. It’s winter here so only have hit them in my indoor net but really liking the feel so far so hopefully feel is real 🙂
    My only complaint is the grip size of the Crossline grips that came pre-installed. They were undersize from typical standard so I removed the Crossline grips to install Golf Pride MCC which to me is much better grip. Now with the .600 grip size and tape the grips spec to standard. When regripping I always remove the previous tape from the shaft but in this case they used some NASTY spray on glue that was a real challenge to remove fully and clean off. I know for mass producing this probably saves time & $$ but man what a pain! I’d prefer not to have any grips installed rather than the sticky gumming spray-on glue they used for these Crossline grips which because of such a thin layer produces an undersize grip. I’d either recommend offering choice of grips and giving option to leave them uninstalled or excluded all together.

  9. Rodney Ruth

    I just bought the 301 Combo heads and received them quickly. I put a Mitsubishi MMT shaft in them and all I can say is smooth. When hit solid they are the best feeling and most consistent iron I have ever hit. My previous gamer was the Mizuno 223………..and I say previous because these are my new ones! These irons are not for the week at heart. Mishits are not forgiving but the 4-7 CB give a great break to the precision the 8-PW MB needs. I also have the 101T’s and those are great as well. More forgiving and more distance but not the same feel……….love Takomo!

  10. kimdmdcjf (verified owner)

    I think it’s been a little less than 15 days since I received this iron.
    Such a beautiful exterior, great touch, consistent direction.
    I love this iron so much.
    However, it is regrettable that the selection of the shaft is limited.
    If there were more options for the shaft, it would be better.

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