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Press Release – Takomo unveils new Skyforger Wedge series

Takomo Skyforger wedge series provides a soft feel, versatility, and fantastic precision around the green. The Skyforger 001 wedges are forged from S20C carbon steel The clubface is CNC precision milled for a predictable, consistent spin Available now in 48°, 52°, 56°, and 60° loft options. More loft options are coming later in 2022. Skyforger […]

Press Release – Takomo Golf launches the Iron 201

Takomo Golf Company, a direct-to-customer golf equipment manufacturer, announced its new forged players iron, the “Iron 201”. The Iron 201 set provides exceptional performance for players looking for ball speed, launch angle, and accuracy. Takomo is recognized for establishing itself as the premier direct-to-customer manufacturer that services intermediate and beginner golfers. With the launch of […]


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